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John Peel Tracklistings: 23/4/2003

3 Inches of Blood - 'Ride, Dark Horse Ride' (Death O'Clock)
Chris Clark - 'The Gavel (EP- Ceramics Is The Bomb)' (Warp)
Numbers - 'Disease' (Peel Session)
Mogwai - 'Hunted By A Freak (LP - sampler)' (Rock Action)
John Rolodex - 'Forget Me Now (EP- The Soldier)' (Dread)
Louisianna Red - 'The Seventh Son (LP- The Lowdown Back Porch Blues)' (Columbia)
Red Rat - '40 Leg (7")' (Mentally Disturbed)
Ben Browning - 'Redsoil (EP- American Sunset)' (Aquatrax)
Numbers - 'Dance Attack' (Peel Session)
DJ Downfall - 'All Routes Leading Down (LP- The Curve)' (Where It's At Is Where You Are)
Spike Jones and His City Slickers - 'The Charleston' (His Masters Voice)
Tollstoi - 'Wonderful Day (EP- And His Project Karenina)' (UnGleich)
Smog - 'A Guiding Light (LP- Supper)' (Domino)
Medicine Head - 'His Guiding Hand (7")' (Dandelion)
Numbers - 'Go To Show' (Peel Session)
Cato Canari - 'Storcowboyen (12")' (Drum Island)
Paine - 'Dioxide Tunnel (EP- Dioxide Tunnel)' (Kaaari)
Calamateur - 'Driscoll (EP- Autocity)' (Timshel)
The Moondogs - 'Schoolgirl Crush (EP- The John Peel Sessions)' (Detour)
Grandmaster Gareth - 'A.E.I.O.U (LP- Introduction to Minute Melodies)' (Awkward)
Numbers - 'I'm Shy' (Peel Session)
Billy 'Daniel' Bunter - 'Round and Round (Future Mix)' (Honey Pot)
Phantom Pregnancies - 'Delicacy 80 (LP- I'm Like A Stepping Razor)' (Dim Mak)
Pulsane - 'Wolves (EP- Exercises In Technical Drawing)' (White Label)
Party of One - 'Baby Doll (LP- Caught The Blast)' (FatCat)
Chuck Berry - 'Oh Baby Doll (LP- One Dozen Berries)' (London)
Numbers - 'Product Lust' (Peel Session)
Figura - 'Warlock (LP- Selection of Recent Works)' (Citadel)
Manasseh meets the Equalizer - 'Do Right Dub (LP- Step Like Pepper)' (Select Cuts)

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