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John Peel Tracklistings: 17/4/2003

Tanto Matro - 'Thug Party (7")' (40/40)
Blur - 'We've Got A File On You (7")' (White Label)
Migu - 'The Two of us are Really One (LP- Migu)' (Ochre)
CLSM - 'Get Up - Etienne Picard Remix - (12")' (White Label)
The Hunches - 'Lisa Told Me (7")' (Sweet Nothing)
Timesbold - 'Word (LP- Timesbold)' (Turst Me)
City Slickers - 'Black Bottom' (Decca)
Broken Gucci Glasses - 'Double X (EP- unGleich We Are)' (unGleich)
David Jack - 'Absolutely No Regrets (LP- Without Vocabulary)' (KFM)
3 Inches Of Blood - 'Ride, Dark Horse, Ride' (Must... Destroy)
Black Keys - 'Hold Me In Your Arms (LP- thickfreakness)' (Fat Possum)
Jimmy Ried - 'Er' (White Label)
Surgeon - 'Live from All Tomorrows Parties' (Peel Session)
The Ravenous - 'Clotted Cryptic Writings (LP- 18 Explosive Tracks To Herald Armageddon)' (Terrorizer)
Skizze - 'Sterile Strenge (LP- Hysterikk)' (KessyLux)
Prime Time Victim Show - 'Deep Bang In Dub (LP- Combat In Dub)' (Bangarang)
Broadcast - 'Pendulum (EP- Pendulum)' (Warp)
Orthrelm - 'Track 2 (LP- Sampler)' (Troubleman)
The Yardbirds - 'Over Under Sideways Down (Sample EP)' (White Label)
Mono - 'Sabbath (LP- One Step More And You Die)' (Rykodisc)
Pole - 'Back Home (12")' (Mute)
Quick Silver Messenger Service - 'Mona' (Capitol)
Silverio - 'Yepa Yepa Yepa (EP- Manos Arriba!)' (Bungalow)

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