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John Peel Tracklistings: 12/11/2002

Burning Love Jumpsuit - 'Cheerleader (LP- Please Pull Apart)' (BSM Greyslate)
Panoptica - 'She's in Fiestas (EP-The Tijuana Remixes)' (Certificate18)
Exhumed - 'Emeticide (7")' (Relapse)
Dawn Of The Replicants - 'Rockerfeller Centre 1932 (CD single)' (Flying Sparks)
Co Fusion - 'M to D to A (EP - Material To Digital To Analogue)' (Reel Musiq)
Kealer - 'Through the Nose (7")' (Troublemaker)
Jerry Built - 'a is b (EP- Upstarts)' (Firefly)
Themselves - 'This is About the City' (Live Peel Session)
Themselves - 'Only Child Explosion' (Live Peel Session)
Themselves - 'Live Trap' (Live Peel Session)
Themselves - 'You Devil You' (Live Peel Session)
Themselvers - 'Improvised Encore' (Live Peel Session)
Themselvers - 'Improvised Encore' (Live Peel Session)
Themselvers - 'Improvised Encore' (Live Peel Session)
Deep Red - 'The Beating Goes On (7")' (Relapse)
Billy Haley and the Comets - 'Hot Dog Buddy Buddy (78)' (Brunswick)
Cativo - 'Man from Space (EP- Pain 2.1)' (Assimilate)
Roy Orbison - 'It's Over (LP - All Time Greatest Hits)' (Monument)
Parlour - 'Distractor (LP-Googler)' (The Temporary Residence)
Orchestre Simba National - 'Sado (7")' (Matata)
Orthrelm - 'Allmuniekted (LP - 2nd18/04 etc.)' (Three One)
System - 'Park (EP - System)' (Scape)
Yeah Yeah Noh - 'Cottage Industry (LP - When I Am A Big Girl)' (In Tape)
Isan - 'Little Boy Sitting In Bed Looking At The Moon (7")' (Unhip)
Victoria Spivey - 'New Black Snake Blues - Part 1 (LP - Gimme Dat Harp Boy)' (Big Snake)
Half Man Half Biscuit - 'The Light At The End Of The Tunnel (Is The Light Of The Oncoming Train) (LP - Cammell Laird Social Club)' (Probe Plus)
Liars - 'Grown Men Don't Fall In The River Just Like That (CD - Wire Promo)' (Wire)
TLF (The Tealeaf Family) - 'Lifted (2 x 12" set - It's a Berlin Thing Vol 1)' (Dangerous Drums)
Botch - 'Japam (LP - An Anthology Of Dead Ends)' (Hydra Head)

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