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John Peel Tracklistings: 11/9/2002

Mandolino - 'Llwybr Llaethog (LP- Anomie-Ville)' (Crai)
Herman Dune - 'The Static Comes From My Broken-Down Heart' (Peel Session)
Golden Virgins - 'I've Seen the Light (7")' (Rex)
People Like Us - 'Ursula Fahrt Ski (LP- Recyclopaedia Britannica)' (Mess Media)
Bullettproof - 'Siege (EP- Armour)' (Cyanide)
The Datsuns - 'Little Bruise (7")' (Sweet Nothing)
Toots/ Anthony B - 'Pumps and Pride (7")' (Fat Eyes)
Herman Dune - 'Stick Around' (Peel Session)
Anorak - 'Don't Cry, Tweedle (EP- Anorak)' (Static Caravan)
Ikara Colt - 'Bring it to Me (EP- Basic Instructions)' (Fantastic Plastic)
House of Mexico - 'Down it Brings Me (LP- A Charabang Trip To The Lights)' (Earworm)
Mr Lif - 'Wanted (LP Urban Renewal Program)' (Chocolate Industries)
Rose Maddox - 'Roll in my sweet baby's arms (LP - Various - As Good As it Gets - Blue Grass)' (Disky Records)
Herman Dune - 'Your Favourite Song' (Peel Session)
DJ/Rupture - 'Untitled Track 7 (LP- Minesweeper Suite)' (Tigerbeat6)
Oneida - 'Each One Teeth One (LP- Each One Teach One)' (Jagjaguwar)
Coley - 'Brothers and Sisters (Fallout Boy Mix- 12")' (Smoking Productions)
Referencered - 'Pattie Buttie (7")' (Pork)
Bill Black's Combo - 'White Silver Sands (LP- Saxy Jazz)' (Hi)
Herman Dune - 'Catcher In The Rye' (Peel Session)
Hirameka Hi-Fi - 'Pentimento (7")' (Gringo)
Jah Mali - 'Everyman's Burden (7")' (Digital)
Ballboy - 'Avant Garde Music (LP- A Guide For The Daylight Hours)' (SL)
Miss Black America - 'Personal Politics (LP- God Bless Miss Black America)' (Integrity)
UFO - 'Deep Inside (Hixxy Remix- 12")' (Raver Baby)
Pulp - 'Sunrise (LP - 4Scott)' (V2)
Herman Dune - 'If Someone Loves You' (Peel Session)
John Avery - 'In Optimo City- the almost perfect town- (LP- Once I Had it all Now I Just Have... Everything)' (Liquid)
Mavis - 'Sleeping With The Marxists (LP- The Mavis Crisis)' (On The Door)
NGC-5128 - 'Xenoid Base (LP- Motobase)' (Stirna)

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