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John Peel Tracklistings: 5/9/2002

Maloko - 'In The Midnight Hour' (London Recordings)
Jeff Mills - 'Stark (Detroit Story)' (React)
Ikara Colt - 'Panic' (Fantastic Plastic)
Cowcube - 'Super Music Boy' (Peel Session)
Ronnie Ronalde & The Beatbox Saboteurs - 'The Yodelling Whistler' (Demo)
Baron - 'Speed Demon' (Renegade Hardware)
Damage - 'Handsome Pete' (Death Wish)
The Baptist Generals - 'Alcohol (Turn And Fall)' (Munich)
Everton Chambers - 'The Liberator' (Sam 7)
Cowcube - 'Truffle Shuffle' (Peel Session)
Headland - 'Let's Hear It For God' (Touchy Feely)
The Corsairs - 'Smoky Places' (Ace)
Boom Bip - 'Popsicle' (Lex)
Ella Fitzgerald - 'My Happiness' (Brunswick)
Send More Paramedics - 'Zombified' (Terrorizer)
The Dawn Parade - 'The Hole In My Heart' (Sugar Town)
Cowcube - 'Ouch' (Peel Session)
Doormouse - 'God Hates To Ball ' (Planet Mu)
Pulp - 'Babies (4 Scott)' (V2)
Grandpa Jones - 'It's Raining Here This Morning' (Ace)
People Like Us - 'Clippety Cart Horse' (Mess Media)
Scientific Support Dept. - 'Harpi' (Creeping Bent)
Black Lung - 'Abnormality Broadcast Remix' (Atomic Reactor)
The Flaming Stars - 'Midnight Train' (Vinyl Japan)
Cowcube - 'George' (Peel Session)
Run For Cover Lovers - 'Transmission Standard' (Rockin' Pussy)
King Tubbys & Friends - 'Don't Cry Dub' (Original Music)
Deasy - 'Haul' (Fear)

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