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John Peel Tracklistings: 25/7/2002

Supreme DJ's Vs. P. Mac - 'Transducer (12")' (Forward Drive)
Capt. Beefheart & His Magic Band - 'Hothead (Lp - Magnetic Hands)' (Viper)
Belle & Sebastian - 'You Don't Send Me' (Live At Peel Acres)
The Caretaker - 'Date With An Angel (Lp - A Stairway To The Stars)' (V/Vm Test)
The Fall - 'My Ex-Classmates Kids (Lp - 2g+2)' (Action)
Tom Slik - 'Trance Ending Energy (12")' (Skills)
The Mark Four - 'I'm Leaving (7")' (Decca)
Belle & Sebastian - 'Roy Walker' (Live At Peel Acres)
The Heads - 'False Heavy (Lp - Under-Sided)' (Sweet Nothing)
Uplifter - 'What Kinda World? (7")' (Love Promotions)
Digital - 'Champion Bubbler' (Function)
Belle & Sebastian - 'Love On The March' (Live At Peel Acres)
Young People - 'Stay Sweet (Lp - Young People)' (5 Rue Christian)
Bearsuit - 'Stop What You're Doing, What You're Doing Is Wrong (7")' (Sickroom)
Murcof - 'Mo (Lp - Martes)' (Leaf)
Belle & Sebastian - 'Sleep On A Sunbeam' (Live At Peel Acres)
(X) Is Greater Than (Y) - 'Sgw (7")' (Fierce Panda)
Pigs Big 78 - ' ' ( )
Stylus - 'Golden Glow (Lp - Pedwar)' (Fourth Dimension)
Bridget St John - 'Ask Me No Questions (Lp - Ask Me No Questions)' (See For Miles)
Belle & Sebastian - 'Desperation Made A Fool Of Me' (Live At Peel Acres)
Luciano - 'Just Remember (7")' (Spyda Web)
The Volunteer - 'Project 51 (12")' (G2)
Snotty - 'More Michael (Lp - Short & Quick & Love)' (Hermit Records)
Beach Buggy - 'Kickin' Back (Ep - Kickin' Back)' (Poptones)
Yuka Honda - 'You Think You Are So Generous, But (LP - Memories Are My Only Witness)' (Tzadik)

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