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John Peel Tracklistings: 23/7/2002

Golden Boy - 'Rippin' Kitten (CD single)' (Illustrious)
Jam X - 'Louder/Softer (12")' (Bulletproof)
The Kills - 'Catclaw (EP - Black Rooster)' (Domino)
Misty In Roots - 'Music Suite' (Peel Session)
Dawn Parade - 'The Whole In My Heart (EP - Electric Fence Your Gentleness)' (Repeat/SugarTown)
Dawn Of The Replicants - 'Leaving Town (CD single)' (Flying Sparks)
Chris C - 'Call Of The Wild (12")' (Nile)
Clinic - 'Come Into Our Room (7")' (Domino)
Astrobotnia - 'Track 1 (LP - Nine Tracks)' (Rephlex)
Watchmaker - 'Broken By Refraction (LP - Now That's What I Call Terror 18 )' (Terrorizer)
Misty In Roots - 'The Way (Almighty)' (Peel Session)
:Grover - 'I Await Your Letters ' (teleRAN)
The Blue Minkies - 'You Make Me Blush (7")' (Blue Minkies)
Hellfish - 'Another Mindless Breakbeat Track (Lp - Bastard Sonz Of Rave)' (Planet Mu)
Charles Penrose - 'Seeing Each Other Home (Pigs Big 78)' (Penrose)
Cranebuilders - 'Against Your Wishes (LP - A Charabang Trip To The Lights)' (Earworm)
Scott Brown - 'Elysium Plus (LP - Bonkerz: The Rezurrection)' (React)
Misty In Roots - 'Dance Hall' (Peel Session)
Elf Power - 'Everlasting Scream (LP - Creatures)' (Shifty Disco)
The Redneck Manifesto - 'Speaking Of Clowns (LP - Thirtysixstrings)' (Red f=l)
Jesse Belvin - '(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons (LP - Big People Music)' (Ace)
JS Ten - 'Tyranic (12")' (Action)
The Ghosts - 'Westending (EP - Westending)' (Penthouse)
Misty In Roots - 'Cover Up' (Peel Session)
Young People - 'Rich Bitch (LP - Young People)' (5 Rue Christine)

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