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Tracklistings Tues 30 Jan 2002
Updated 31 Jan 2002

Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps - 'Jumps, Giggles And Shouts' (Encore)
Nought - 'Cough Cap Kitty Cat' (Shifty Disco)
Bug Nyne - 'Demolition' (Reinforced)
Phillip Goodhand-Tait & The Stormsville Shakers - 'No Problem' (Parlophone)
I Am Robot And Proud - 'Saturday Afternoon Plans' (Catmobile)

A M 60 Live From Maida Vale
'Intro' (Live John Peel Session)
'Always Music 60'
'Just A Dream'
'Girl For Me'
'Big As The Sky'
'Perfect Package'
'Treble, Bass And Mid-Range'

Aston 'Family Man' Barrett, Earl 'Wire' Lindo, Tyrone Downie - 'Bide Up With Reason' (Fam's)
The Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee - 'Any More Than I Do' (Estrus)
Ambrose And His Orchestra - 'You And The Night And The Music' (Vocalion)
Persil - 'Agony Aunt' (Shifty Disco)
Persil - 'Kennedy' (White Label)
Universal Project - 'Hoax' (Cylon)

Dustball Live At Maida Vale
'Building' (Originally By The Unbelievable Truth) (Live John Peel Session)
'Sunday Under Glass' (Originally By Beulah)
'Thrown Like A Stone' (Originally By Murry The Hump)
'Senor Nachos' (By Dustball)
'Xeroxy Music' (Originally By The Samurai Seven)

Decal - 'Carpenter' (Planet Mu)
Jessica Bailiff & Alan Sparhawk - 'Highwire' (Ypsilanti)
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers - 'Dust My Blues' (Decca)
Hammersmith Bridge Weight Restriction - 'Lamp' (White Label)
Suibom Serum - 'Fluxion 2' (Insert)
Samurai 7 - 'Xeroxy Music' (Shifty Disco)
Misty In Roots - 'Ghetto Of The City' (Kaz)

Wednesday 30th January - Shifty Disco 5th Birthday Party with AM60 and Dustball Live from Maida Vale

AM 60 are from New York's East Village, and are Chris Root, formerly of streetsy hip-hop outfit Black Beans, drummer friend Mackie who also plays with The Fun Lovin' Criminals, and Leon de Bretagne from France on bass. When Mackie can't drop in to play shows, ex-Urge Overkill bassist Chuck Treece fills the seat at the back. They got there name from their building super shouting the same words into the intercom every time the sound levels get too high at apartment number 60; "Always Music 60!"

It all started for them, when Chris sent a CD with a few tracks on over to a small label in England (Shifty Disco) where a friend of a friend said it might be fun to try to get a single out. On it was written his phone number and a few tongue-in-cheek words, "Please make me famous in England so I can come over and be chased around by all the English girls for a change". A few days later the phone rang and an English voice said "So what's wrong with the girls in New York?". AM60 were signed the next day. Their debut single "Just A Dream" was released in August last year, but will be re-released it after a short tour. An album will follow later in the year.

For more information on the band visit


Dustball formed in Oxford in 1995 and are Jamie Stuart on guitar and vocals, Ben Lloyd on guitar, Tarrant Anderson on bass and Nigel Powell on drums. Their first release was 'Yeah Yeah Yeah' on a compilation of the area's best new bands called 'OXCD' on local indie label Rotator. This was followed by 'Senor Nachos', an anthem to male pregnancy, which became the first release of the nascent Shifty Disco singles club. By mid-1997, they'd released a four track EP on Damaged Goods Records, and were picked as one of the four priority bands to be broadcast on Steve Lamacq's Evening Session as part of Radio 1's Sound City. A joint EP ('A Quick One Too') with NØUGHT was released to coincide with the event, and attracted the attentions of John Peel, for whom the band have recorded three sessions. The album, 'Quality But Hers', appeared in special silver ball packaging in 1998. The band subsequently decided to split, but reappeared briefly as Mote, before being joined by former Unbelievable Truth drummer Nigel Powell.

Dustball will be playing the following dates;

1st February at the Spitz in London
2nd February at the West End Centre in Aldershot
6th February at Freebutts in Brighton, (TBC)
7th February at the Soundhouse in Northampton
8th February at the Arts Centre Café in London
9th February at the Oxford Zodiac
11th February at the Night & Day in Manchester
13th February at Joseph's Well in Leeds
15th February at the 13th Note in Glasgow
16th February - at the Welly in Hull
7th February at the Railway Inn in Winchester
16th March at the Cambridge Boatrace all dayer (TBC)
For more info on the band, visit the website at [an error occurred while processing this directive]

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