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John Peel Tracklistings: 22/09/04

DJ Distance - "The Ritual" (EP - 'Closer that You Think') - (Lix Corruptions)
Jerry Cole & His Spacemen - "Piont Panic" (LP - 'Lost Legends of Surf Guitar 2: Point Panic') - (Sundazed)
Lo Cut & Sleifar - "Radio Agmen" (LP - 'Miwsig I'ch Taed A Miwsig I'ch Meddwl') - (Boobytrap)
Lawrie Immersion & Guy McGaffer - "Untitled" (12") - (Shark)
Little Killers - "Jenna" (Peel Session)
Little Killers - "Mellow Down" (Peel Session)
Little Killers - "Butter Fingers" (Peel Session)
Little Killers - "No Reason" (Peel Session)
Little Killers - "You Got It Made" (Peel Session)
Little Killers - "Sheet" (Peel Session)
Little Killers - "Come on Up" (Peel Session)
Little Killers - "Volume" (Peel Session)
Little Killers - "How do You Do it" (Peel Session)
Little Killers - "She Don't" (Peel Session)
Little Killers - "Happy" (Peel Session)
DJ Ink - "Tech Nine" (12") - (Renegade Hardware)
The Manhandlers - "2 Tight 2 Fight" (LP - 'Manhandlers') - (Criminal IQ)
Jimmy Martin - "Sophronie" (LP - 'Don't Cry To Me') - (Thrill Jockey)
Intelligence - "Singing Contest" (LP - 'Boredom & Terror') - (Narnack)
Bogshead - "Little Grafter" (EP - 'Tried and Tested Public Speaker') - (Shelfish)
Dr. Venom - "Cannibal" (12") - (Heatseeker/Warheadz)
The Hunches - "Static Disaster" (Peel Session)
The Hunches - "Lisa Told Me" (Peel Session)
The Hunches - "Pinwheel Spins" (Peel Session)
The Hunches - "Droning Fades On" (Peel Session)
The Hunches - "Leper Parade" (Peel Session)
The Hunches - "When I Became You" (Peel Session)
The Hunches - "Lost Time Frequency" (Peel Session)
The Hunches - "A Flower In The Ending" (Peel Session)
The Hunches - "Where Am I" (Peel Session)
Singers & Players - "Moses" (LP - 'Leaps & Bounds') - (On U Sound)
Claudia - "We Lost Him, But Kept Goin" (LP - 'Switches') - (Audiobulb)
The Container Drivers - "They it Buried In the Ice" (CDR Demo) - (White Label)
Ollie Nightingale - "Here I am Again" (LP - 'Sweet Surrender') - (Pride)

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