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John Peel Tracklistings: 08/09/04

End - "Brooklyn Home Invasion" (LP - 'The Sounds of Disaster') - (Ipecac)
The Black Keys - "When The Lights Go Out" (LP - 'The Rubber Factory') - (Fat Possum)
Superqueens - "Mr. , Your a Lap Dancer" (Peel Session)
Jon E Cash - "International" (12") - (Black Ops)
Bearsuit - "Kiki Keeps Me Company" (LP - 'We're From Norwich Vol. 1') - (HowlBackHum)
Tik Tok - "The Colosseum" (12") - (2CB)
Mugstar - "Dux" (Split EP with Hunting Lodge') - (Farm Girl)
Signer - "Machines at Low Tide" (LP - 'The New Face of Smiling') - (Carpark)
Superqueens - "Security & Peace" (Peel Session)
The Original Hoosier Hot Shots - "Them Hill Billies Are Mountain Goats" (Pig's Big 78) - (Rex)
Sarah Nelson - "Drum n Berceuse" (EP - "Are You Sitting Comfortably") - (White Label)
Vex'd - "Pop Pop" (12") - (Subtext)
The Atomic Mosquitos - "Let's Make the Water Turn Black" (LP - 'Lemme Take You To The Beach') - (Cordelia)
Lo Cut & Sleifar - "No1 Fel Ffycin Bwled" (LP - 'Miwsig I'ch Tread  A Miwsig I'ch Maddwl') - (Boobytrap)
Superqueens - "The Ghost of Billy Whizz" (Peel Session)
The Delgados - "I Fought The Angels" (LP - 'Universal Audio') - (Chemikal Underground)
The Orioles - "Crying In The Chapel" (LP - 'The Golden Ahe of American Rolck and Roll') - (Ace)
The Oath - "Quiet. Subtle Pretext Chiming In" (LP - 'Das Oath') - (Dim Mak)
3 Desi - "Hai Lar Gaie" (LP - 'Raw Talent') - (Second City Records)
The Aphrodisiacs - "Against The Grain" (LP - 'This is a Campaign') - (SL)
Guido Schneider - "Moesko" (EP - 'Unterwegs Mit Guido Schneider') - (Poker Flat)
Superqueens - "Cut!" (Peel Session)
Clatterbox - "Collision Detection" (EP - 'Solar Phase') - (Z Bop)
Sit and Spin - "You You You" (LP - 'Doin Time With.....') - (Blood Red)
 The Rebel - "Spider Man in The Flesh" (EP - "Exciting New Venue For Soccer and Excecution') - (SDZ)
Nemisis & AMS - "Don't Give a Fuck" (12") - (Future Dance)
Superqueens - "Business is Business" (Peel Session)
Thee Vaporizer - "The Rip Van Winkle Effect" (EP - 'Matkoe  Shamoe') - (Phantomnoise)
Betty Wright - "Clean Up Woman" (7") - (Alston)

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