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John Peel Tracklistings: 10/08/04

End - 'You Only Live Once' (LP- The Sounds of Disaster) - (Ipecac)
Lo-Cut A Sleifar - 'Sefyll Fel Un' (LP- Miwsiq I'ch Traed A Miwsiq I'ch Meddwe) - (Boobytrap)
The Decider - 'Unshakeable' (7") - (Topplers)
Crowpath - 'We All Missed the First Episode' (LP- Old Cuts And Blunt Knives) - (Robotic Empire)
Thomas Fehlmann - 'Little Big Horn' (12") - (Kompakt)
The Fall - 'High Tension Line' (LP- 50,000 Fall Fan Can't Be Wrong) - (Sanctuary)
Bong Ra - 'Rise Above' (EP- Conquering Lion) - (Hydrophonic)
Samsa - 'Quiet Places' (7") - (Mook)
Slim Smith - 'Will You Still Love Me?' (7") - (Gorgan)
Guided By Voices - 'Everybody Thinks I'm A Raincloud' (LP- Half Smiles of the Decomposed) - (Matador)Robbo Ranks with Lady Saw - 'DJ Set, Live Lounge' - (Peel Session)
Leslie Sarony - 'In The Wood Shed She Said She Would' (78) - (Imperial)
Reinhard Voigt - 'Spice' (12") - (Kompakt)
DJ Vix - 'Yaar Kure' (LP- Vix It Up) - (Kamlee Records)
The Pretty Things - 'Defecting Grey' (7") - (Columbia)
The Pretty Things - 'Big Boss Man' (7") - (Fontana)
Disco Operating System - 'Goblins be Thine' (LP- Ultrasonic) - (Lotta Continua)
Youngstar - 'Technique' (12") - (DDJS)
Sunn-o))) - 'Hell-o)))- ween' (LP- White2) - (Southern Lord)

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