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Submit your John Peel Day gig!

John Peel Day After the massive success of last year's John Peel Day we're again inviting you to join the celebration of John's legacy and live music by putting on your own gigs.

It all happens on 12th October 2006, the anniversary of John Peel's last live broadcast, and we'd love to know about the gigs and events you are organising.

In addition Radio 1 will be staging a very special show at our newly announced event, the Electric Proms, and we'll have more information on that for you very soon.

Please fill in the following form with as much information as possible, and only submit your gig details once you've confirmed your venue and line up as changes to our listings are difficult to make.

Download the John Peel Day logo to use on your gig flyers/posters

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We may use the information you give us to promote your event online or pass it on to third parties for promotion.

The information about yourself (fields marked with a *) will not be used online or passed on to anyone else. We may use it to contact you about your event. Your details will not be used for any other reason.

Please do not give us any information you do not want used in this way.

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