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Safety is quite an issue in Ibiza and unfortunately one of the major dangers here tends to be the police. They are very strict, aggressive and sometimes hit first and ask questions later. Behave yourself and you won't get into any trouble.

Another huge danger involves drivers. Lots of people tend to walk back from Privilege/Amnesia along the narrow unlit road that links them to the two major towns. Lots of people go clubbing, drink, take drugs and then drive home, so account for it. Walk in the direction of oncoming traffic and move to the side when a car approaches. If you too are in some alcohol or chemically enhanced state, then get a cab.

If you hire a car or moped whilst you are out there make sure you can drive the thing before you take it to the major roads. Also make sure you are covered by your insurance and ask for a helmet.

Next on the 'avoid it if you want to stay safe' list is the West End. Lots of young lads, lagered up and looking for trouble. Not good. However it's completely contained to one area, and you can't accidentally walk into it as it stands out like a sore thumb. Just look for the large crowds and hundreds of neon lights, and then walk in the opposite direction.

There is very little street crime in Ibiza, so although getting mugged isn't totally ruled out, it's very unlikely. The same can be said of having your villa/apartment/hotel room robbed, but do be careful.

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