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Watch the Sunset at the Cafe Del Mar ('98) Video 28 Video 56
Sunset @ Cafe Del Mar The Café Del Mar is a legend in Ibiza, not only as the original pre-club bar of choice during the hedonistic years of Balearic Beat, but more so for the magnificent views of the setting sun that can be seen from it's beach side terrace.

Situated in the top right hand corner of San Antonio, the café attracts hundreds of people each night, who come to see the large red sun slip slowly into the ocean and listen to the ambient tunes spun by resident DJ Jose Padillias. An absolute essential for any Ibiza visitor.

Take a trip around the coast on the Radio 1 Yacht. ('98)

A Yacht Holidays can be tiring things, especially in Ibiza, however if you have the energy and the means, a great thing to do is to hire a boat and sail from San Antonio to Ibiza Town, taking in some on the sighs on the way. Click for more...

Tour the Manumission Motel ('98)

The Manumission Motel It's the latest and greatest addition to the island, the Manumission Motel. Waterbeds in the rooms, lava lamps a plenty, and a celebrity clientele to match. There are only two ways of getting into this Fort Knox of cool, get a personal invite from Mike and Clare Manumission, or take our web tour. Click for more...

A Night Out In Ibiza Town ('98)

Ibiza Town A night out in Ibiza Town is an absolute must for everyone visiting the island. Not only does it offer an excellent atmosphere with two of the best clubs Ibiza has to offer, but it's also a whole different experience from the hectic frenzy of San Antonio. Plan to take it easy, have a good time and stay out all night long. Click for more...

Snapshots from the Radio 1 Villa. ('98)

Radio 1 Villa Put 12 Radio 1 Dj's in a villa in the sun, give them 40 hours of air time to broadcast on, schedule a host of parties and clubs to go to and turn them loose in the party capital of the world. It's bound to end in chaos, or is it.... Click for more...

Ibiza People. ('98)

Jose Padillias It's changed over the years, there's no denying that, and many people have commented on what's happened both good and bad. This year is the biggest year ever, so to find out what the vibe's like, we tracked down the people who saw it happen, made it happen, and are making it happen now. They need no introduction, Norman Cook, Mike & Clare Manumission, Jose Padillias and Derek Dahlarge, what's going on in Ibiza '98?

Clubbing in Space ('98)

Space Exterior The old skool posse swear by it. Many say it's the only place that you can still find the true Ibician spirit. Others just love it because they don't have to go home. Whatever the case, there is something special about Space. Time to find out what's happening on the dancefloor in Space 1998. Click for more...

On The Floor at El Divino's ('98)

El Divino Exterior Tuesday nights at El Divino's is definately the place to be seen for the UK label hounds amongst us. Considered possibly the most glamerous club on the island, this place attracts a good crowd of dressed up Brits looking for a fun night out. Click for more.

Manumission - The Party. ('98)

Privilege Exterior It's the biggest night of the season, the launch of Manumission The Movie. Pete Tong and Judge Jules hit the decks as 8000 people are packed into the biggest club in Europe. It can only be Manumission meets Radio 1. Click for more.

Working in Ibiza. ('98)

Working in Ibiza Making a living for yourself in Ibiza is no easy task, however hundreds of people successfully do it each year. We tracked down four of them, and asked them what are the pro's and cons of a job in the sun. Click for more.

Ibiza Fact File

Find out more about this frisky little island.

Welcome to Radio 1's contribution to the capital of clubbing. For over 10 years, Ibiza has attracted the world's hardcore ravers, occasional clubbers, and intrigued tourists. They all leave with a profound desire to return again and again each year. Radio 1 are no exception, and this year saw our biggest Ibiza weekend ever moving the whole station out to the island for 3 days of sun-kissed madness.

If you're planning on going out to Ibiza this year, then we hope this guide will help you out a little, or if you're not, perhaps persuade you to go.

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