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Getting about on the Island can be quite tricky as most places are quite a distance apart. As mentioned before there are two main centres, San Antonio and Ibiza Town.

San Antonio is the home of the Cafe Del Mar, Cafe Mambo, Bar M and Es Paradise. There is a large British community here, most of which tends to centre around an area of town called the West End. The West End is loud, lager laden and laddish.

Ibiza Town is home to El Divino, Pacha and The Rock Bar and is the other centre for clubbers. In general, and unlike San Antonio, most places in Ibiza Town are quite nice with a friendly, more European crowd, the vibe is more cosmopolitan.

In between the two towns are Amnesia and Privilege, while Space resides a few kilometres outside Ibiza Town towards the airport.

The ability to get around the island is pretty essential if you are to get the most out of your visit. Hire cars are available at the airport and in both Ibiza Town and San Antonio, costing round about 4000-5000pts a day.

Taxis can be quite expensive. A taxi from Ibiza Town to San Antonio will cost about 2000pts. Privilege/Amnesia to Ibiza Town/San Antonio about 1300pts and Ibiza Town to Space 800pts.

There are always plenty of taxi's available, and they are generally white cars with a green light on the top. If the light is illuminated then the Taxi is free.

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