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The currency in Ibiza is the Spanish Peseta. With the pound being strong at the moment you will get a great exchange rate, which is a blessing as things out there don't come cheap.

The average club entrance price is about 5000pts (£20) and drinks are about 800-1000pts (£3.50-£4). A main course meal will cost about 1500pts and a drink in a bar 600pts.

There are plenty of money exchanges in Ibiza, but be warned, you cannot get money from them with a credit card, you can only exchange cash for cash. Cash points can be found in San Antonio and Ibiza Town, both of which accept all major debit and credit cards. And don't worry the instructions do come in English.

There are no cash withdrawal facilities near Privilege, Amnesia or Space so if you are heading towards these make sure you have enough money on you.

Currency Converter

£1 250pts
£2 500pts
£3 750pts
£4 1,000pts
£5 1,250pts
£10 2,500pts
£15 3,750pts
£20 5,000pts
£50 12,000pts
£100 25,000pts

Please note these are approximations and will change slightly depending on what the exchange rate is when you obtain your cash.

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