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If you make your own way out to the island it's best to have your accommodation sorted out before you leave. In high season most of places are booked up well in advance and you may end up unexpectedly homeless. Also don't turn up expecting to get a palace for pennies, some rooms do go for about £15 a night but remember, you get what you pay for.

The easiest way of sorting out your accommodation is to book a package deal. However if you are going to do this, try to get named accommodation or at least a named resort. Not all places in Ibiza are geared towards clubbers, there are some purpose built family resorts to the north of the island. If you get stuck here, it could cost you a fortune in taxis and you won't be impressing any of your fellow holiday makers when you arrive at 6am with 30 new found friends for a pool party.

If there are a group of you going, check out villa prices. It usually only works out a little more expensive for a villa with a private pool and all the comforts of home. Don't forget you'll need a car though, as most villas are in the hills above San Antonio. Some travel companies do packages including flights, villa and hire car. Ask your travel agent for details, and don't forget, out of season the villa will be someone's home so treat it with respect.

Finally if you feel like really pushing the boat out, and this time we do mean literally, a private yacht with crew is definitely the place to stay. Prices start at around £3.5K per week for an 8-birth yacht with crew. Now onto the important question, where do you park it, Mambo or Bar M. Hmmm. Details are on the net, just ask your favourite search engine.

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