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3 Oct 2014
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Annie Nightingale

Annie and Mike Manumission
Annie Nightingale has seen more sunrises than sunsets, and played at some of the world's finest clubs during her stays in Ibiza. From the ulta-camp back room at Manumission to the oh-so-chic Zenith room in Pacha, Annie's rocked them all.

Annie Nightingale in Ibiza
With special guest mixes Sunday 5th August - 06.00 - 08.00

Annie Nightingale Ibiza Essentials

SpaceFavourite club
The car park next to Space because its totally open air, and you're right on the flight path of the planes so you can wave to all the incoming clubbers on a sunday morning, and hear the Space music at the same time, and there's plenty of room to dance.

Favourite bar
I haven't been there yet but as soon as I arrive in Ibiza I'll be heading for Mike & Claire's Diner, brand new this year and open 24 hours a day. As Mike & Claire are two of Ibiza's most famous residents, I think they'll know how to run the island's funkiest bar. It's at the marina in the Old Town.

Favourite restaurant
I could also put this in favourite club and bar categories, as well. It's called KM5 and it's pure bliss. KM5 means Kilometre Cinco because it's five kilometres along the road from the airport. It's really laid-back, cool, and you'll meet people from all over the world there. It's pure Ibicenco stylee with flood-lit palm trees subtly framing the gardens, hammocks to chill out in, and the whole place shimmering with a million candles. The food in the restaurant is good too, but it's the ambience which is unbeatable in Ibiza.

Cooling off at Salinas BeachFavourite beach
Salinas Beach, even though I nearly drowned while swimming there a couple of years ago! It's very, very sociable, which is probably why no-one noticed me being caught in the rip tide. Great place to go if you want an all-over tan.

Favourite sunset location
Well I don't know if I have one. Every sunset time in Ibiza I'm usually running around organising things, or getting ready for the evening's shenanigans. But I've seen a few sunRISES! Practically anywhere you go on the island you'll see a spectacular sunrise, whether it's watching the dawn break in the reflection of someone's villa pool, or through the huge see-through glass backdrop that is the back room at Privilege.

Favourite Ibiza tune (88-01)
Groove Armada - 'I See You Baby'

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