Huw Stephens

Wed 21.00 & Thu 00.00

Thursday 13th August - with Rory McConnell in Northern Ireland

May 68 - ‘Last Mile’ (White Label)
Rotating Leslie - ‘Send in the Lions’ (White Label)
LR Rockets - ‘Renee Loves Losers’ (Ctrl Alt Del)
The Gentlemen - ‘Push Back’ (The Stereo Tree)
Wave Machines - ‘Punk Spirit’ (Neapolitan)
Danananakroyd - ‘Some Dresses’ (Best Before Records)
Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - ‘Dance the way I feel’ (Young and Lost Club)
Rob Cowen & the Dissidents - ‘Heartache’ (Self Raising Records)
Kasms - ‘Absent Without Leave’ (Trouble Records)
Surprise...Fire - ‘West Coast’ (White Label)
Pocket Promise - ‘I Burnt the Roller Disco’ (Stop Go)
George Pringle - ‘Physical Education Pt 1’ (Death to Fals Metal)
Lord Cut Glass - ‘Big Time Teddy’ (White Label)
Rico & The Thieves - ‘Tackle the Bear’ (White Label)
Stricken City - ‘Pull the House Down’ (White Label)
Dinosaur Pile-Up - ‘Summer Hit’ (Friends Records)

Not Squares in Session
‘Don’t Do Nothing’

My Albatross - ‘Live and Live Lonely’ (Blue Cat Records)

Steve Lamacq’s session tip
Kap Bambino - ‘Red Sign’

Baddies - ‘Open One Eye’ (Medical)
ExLovers - ‘You Forget So Easily’ (Chess Club)
The Amigos - ‘Bush Wack’(White Label)

Not Squares in Session
‘Bi Ki Na’

Gaggle - ‘I Like Cigarettes’ (White Label)
Gold Panda - ‘Quitter’s Raga’ (White Label)

DIY Label of the Week - Acroplane Recordings
Loom - ‘Klappspaten’
Vertical67 - ‘Blur’

Hot Horizons - ‘I’ll Be There’ (White Label)
Trailer Trash Tracys - ‘Candy Girl’ (No Pain in Pop)

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