Huw Stephens

Wed 21.00 & Thu 00.00

Thursday 21st May

Team Waterpolo - 'Room 44' (Sony)
Local Natives - 'World News' (White)
Devise & Shookz feat Jah Screechy - 'Walk & Skank 09' (White)
The Crowns On The Rats Orchestra - 'Op 7: For Dead Poets, For Saints' (Big Scary Monsters)
Marina & The Diamonds - 'I Am Not A Robot' (Neon Gold)
Marina & The Diamonds - 'I Am Not A Robot' (Shoes Remix)
Fever Fever - 'Keys In The Bowl' (Cherryade)
Priestj feat. Hariharan – ‘Hey Ram’ (Jadu Kiya)
Sound Of Guns - 'Architects' (White)
The Half Sisters - 'Come On Loui' (White)
Post War Years - 'That's All' (Wealth)
Bang Bang Eche - '4 To The Floor' (White)
Dimbleby & Capper - 'Beautiful But Boring' (White)

Huw's revision break moment:
Little Comets - 'Her Black Eyes' (Live at R1BW in Swindon)

Plugs - 'All Them Witches' (White)


Theoretical Girl in session:
'I Should Have Loved You Better' (Live at Maida Vale)
'Red Mist' (Live at Maida Vale)
'Biggest Mistake' (Live at Maida Vale)

Your Twenties - 'Caught Wheel' (Germs Of Youth)

From Me To Huw:
1. Chickenhawk - 'Bottle Rocket'
2. Death By Electro Giants - 'The Wreckage'
3. Emergencies - 'We Are The Waves'
4. Morning Star - 'The Longest Way Round'
Full Track: Jazica - 'Illusions'

Favours For Sailors - 'I Dreamt That I Dreamt That You Loved Me In Your Dreams' (Tough Love)

DIY Label Of The Week:
Bass Clef - 'Promises' (Blank Tapes)
ZunZunEgui - 'Chunk & Swirl' (Blank Tapes)

Sparrow & The Workshop - 'Devil's Song' (Distiller)
Black Moth Super Rainbow - 'Tooth Decay' (Memphis Industries)
The Late Greats - 'Destroy My Brain' (Izumi Records)
Medusa - 'I Become I' (Faculty Music)
Hjaltalin - 'Traffic Music' (Haldern Pop)

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