Huw Stephens

Wed 21.00 & Thu 00.00

Thursday 13th November 2008

Grammatics - 'The Vague Archive' (Dance To The Radio)
It's A Buffalo - 'Marbles' (Akoustik Anarkhy)
Shilli - 'Happy Without Knowing Why' (CDR)
Shychlo - 'The Blueprint' (CDR)
Pulled Apart By Horses - 'Meat Balloon' (Maida Vale session track)
Vital Elements - 'The Path Is Clear' (Grid)

Patch William - 'The Last Bus' (Maida Vale session track for Tom Robinson)
Skint & Demoralised - 'The Thrill Of 30 Seconds' (Another Music = Another Kitchen)
Tor - 'Beatz International (Mentat Remix) (Pinch Of Salt)
Hot Silk Pockets - 'Panda Eyes' (Stolen)
Wise Children - 'You Were A Single Red Blood Cell But I Lost You In This Knot Of Capillaries' (CDR)
S.K.G. - 'Voodoo Talk' (CDR)
The Yell - 'My Baby's Into Witchcraft' (Marquis Cha Cha)

Flashguns - 'Timehouse Blue' (Blue Flowers) 

Baby J and friends in session:
'Love & Peace' ft. Farma G
'Wake Up' ft. Alex Blood
'It's Time' ft. David Gibb & Malik

Rosie & The Goldbug - 'You've Changed' (Lover)
The Late Greats - Gareth (Imoto)
Yimino - 'Q Bit' (Tronic)

Dananananaykroyd - 'Chrome Rainbow' (Best Before)
Kyte - 'Eyes Lose Their Fire' (Kids)

DIY Label Of The Week: Cool For Cats
Fight Like Apes - 'Jake Summers'
The Molotovs - 'Flowers'

Skatar - 'Pantee Lions (Riding Beasts At The Minibar)' (CDR)
Situationists - 'This Is A Show' (Tough Love)
Boy Crisis - 'L'Homme' (Chess Club)

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