Huw Stephens

Wed 21.00 & Thu 00.00

Thursday 2nd October 2008


Little Comets - 'One Night In October' (CDR)
Thomas Tantrum - 'Rage Against The Tantrum' (Sindy Stroker)
Dr Meaker - 'Bad Boy Calling' (Flightcase)
Dance Lazarus Dance - 'Team Boom Box' (Predestination)
The All New Adventures Of Us - 'Firetruck' (One Little Indian)
Emmy The Great - 'We Almost Had A Baby' (Close Harbour)
Audio Habitat - 'Unknown ID' (CDR)


Tubelord - 'I Am Azerrad' (Big Scary Monsters)
Big Pink - 'Too Young To Love' (House Anxiety)

Tom Baker from Concrete And Glass in studio

Grovesnor - 'Drive Your Car' (Greco-Roman)

Tom Baker from Concrete And Glass in studio

Polly Scattergood - I Hate The Way (CDR)

Tom Baker from Concrete And Glass in studio

Wave Machines - Greatest Escape (Chess Club)


Fairmont - Fade And Saturate (Border Community)

Tom Baker from Concrete And Glass in studio

TV On The Radio - 'Family Tree' (4AD)

Kid British in Session
'Lost In London'
'Our House Is Dadless'
'Sunny Days'

Golden Silvers - 'Magic Touch' (Bronze)


Telegram From The Queen - 'Legalize Murder' (CDR)
We Have Band - 'Oh!' (50 Bones)
Die! Die! Die! - 'Sideways Here We Come' (SAF)

DIY Label Of The Week: Stench Of Muscle
The Points System - 'Britney'
Park Attack - 'Sh**heel'
Tattie Toes - 'Taiko Lullaby'

Sonny Jim - 'Next Generation' (Dented)
My Side Of The Mountain - '16 Seconds Happy' (CDR)
Mia Vigar - 'Taxi' (Hungry Audio)

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