Huw Stephens

Wed 21.00 & Thu 00.00

Thursday 21 August 2008


The Joy Formidable - 'Austere' (Another Music = Another Kitchen)
Brigadier Ambrose - 'Police' (White)
Specific - 'Time' (Nu Directions)

Playing the BBC Introducing stage at Reading and Leeds pt 1
Thomas Tantrum - 'Work It'
Situationist - 'This City Holds Us All'
I Concur - Oblige'
Fangs - 'Panic'
General Fiasco - 'Ever So Shy'
Fox Cubs - 'Beasts Of England'

and Mike from Lostprophets endorses...
Attack! Attack - 'This Is A Test'

I Am Austin - 'Stripper' (White)
Micachu - 'Golden Phone' (Accidental)

In Session: The Muscle Club
'All For The Kids'
'Be Glad You're Neurotic'

Inner City Pirates - 'Let's Go Disco' (White)
This City - 'We Move' (Alcopop)

The best of the Dos and The Don'ts with Julie Weir, Marc Bowen and Matt Davies

My Tiger, My Timing - 'This Is Not The Fire' (White)
Hemme Fatale feat Aled Phillips - 'Peryglus Lucifer' (White)


Steven from Blood Red Shoes endorses...
Pulled Apart By Horses - 'High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive'

Playing the BBC Introducing stage at Reading and Leeds pt 2
Flashguns - 'Good Witch, Bad Witch'
Skeletons - 'O Brother'
The Last People On Earth - 'School'
Our Fold - 'Jenny Jacknife'
The Maybes - 'Summertime'
Tiger Shadow - 'Wa Happen'

and Frost from The Automatic endorses...
Tripwires - 'Just So You Know'

Telegram From The Queen - 'Legalize Murder' (White)
DJ Stagga - 'Predatory Control Freaks' (White)

In session: The Muscle Club
'Alright, OK, You Win'

Gallops - 'Joust' (White)
Acid Casuals vs The Peth - 'Sunset Verandah' (Strangetown)

Playing the BBC Introducing stage at Reading and Leeds pt 3
Ipso Facto - 'Harmonise'
Razzmatazzlorryexcitement - 'Biggest Waste'
Kid iD - 'Hassle In The Hessles'
Darlings Of The Splitscreen - 'Hiroshima'
Hungry Ghosts - 'Ship Of Thieves'
The New York Fund - 'Going To New York'
The Cherry Cob Cartel - 'Sick And Tired'

and Yannis from Foals endorses...
That F***ing Tank - 'James'

Vessels - 'An Idle Brain & The Devil's Workshop' (Cukundoo Records)
Pope Joan - 'No TV' (OIB)
Wondercut - 'Hologram Salad' (White)

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