Huw Stephens

Wed 21.00 & Thu 00.00

Thursday 19th June 2008

Twisted Wheel - 'You Stole The Sun' (Sony / BMG)
Johnny Foreigner - 'Salt, Pepper & Spinderella' (Best Before)
Mister Patterson - 'Fly Girls' (White)
Cats In Paris - 'Lovelovelovelovelove' (Akoustik Anarky)
Skandal - 'Dark Times' (White)

On The Radar

Ten Kens - 'Bearfight' (Fat Cat)
Wild Beasts - 'Limbo, Panto' (Domino)
Fleet Foxes - 'Your Protector' (Bella Union)
28 Costumes - 'Erika' (White)
Wintermute - 'Fun With Wizard Stencils' (On The Bone)
Track in Full - We Smoke Fags - 'Eastenders' (Sixsevenine)

Urbantramper - 'Wishing Bliss' (White)
Violet Violet - 'Twin on Twin' (NR One Records)

Johnny Foreigner's tipped tracks...

Copy HaHo - 'Cutting out the bad parts'
Danananankroyd - 'Cleaning each other' (Holy Roar)
Fight  like Apes - 'Do you Karate' (Fifa Records)
Tubelord - 'Night of the pencils' (Big Scary Monsters)
Sunset Cinema Club - 'Rapunzel' (White label)

Voluntary Butler Scheme in session

- The Eiffel Tower and the BT Tower
- Night Driver
- Alarm Clock

SKG - 'Needles & Suspenders'
Pint Shot Riot - 'Start Digging' (Life in the Big City records)
Proof of Concept - 'Product of Experience' (Summer Rain Recording)
James Severy at the Circus Circus- 'Song for the Disenchanted'
Wave Machines - 'I joined a union for you'  (Across the Peninines)

Truckers of Husk Session Interview
- 'Heart Bleep'

DIY Label of the Week - Split Records
OK Tokyo - 'Sums'
Computer Club - 'Electrons and Particles'

This is the Kit - 'Shared Out'

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