Huw Stephens

Wed 21.00 & Thu 00.00

Thursday 13 September

Gideon Conn – I Want You Around (White Label)

The Wombats Live At Bestival

Dr Suzanne Mattox
Moving To New York

Riz MC – People Like People (White Label)
This City – Romantic (Club Fandango)

On The Radar

Bearsuit – OH:IO (Fantastic Plastic)
The Izzys – The Violent Bear It Away (Fat Man Records)
I Like Trains single – The Deception (Beggars Banquet)
Jonah Matranga – So Long (Xtra Mile Recordings)
Jeggsy Dodd – Only Football Can Truly Break Your Heart
Future of The Left – Small Bodies, Small Bones (Too Pure)

Meet Me In St Louis – All We Need Is A Bit Of Energon and A Lot Of Luck (Big Scary Monsters)

Tipsters Olli and Mike from BBC Essex Introducing

Nick Silvey – The World’s Not So Green (White Label)

Miss Odd Kidd Live At Bestival

Oh Ah I Lost My Bra
Don’t Be Afraid To Sweat

Cheeky Cheeky and the Nosebleeds – Slow Kids (White Label)
The Loungs – Dig That Do (Akoustik Anarkhy)

We Are Performance Live At Bestival


DJ IQ – 8 Bars Of Fire (White Label)

Nic Dawson Kelly In Session

The Musician
Broken Man

Nic Dawson Kelly In Session

Dream A Little Dream of Me

Clarky Cat – Slightline (White Label)

Duloks Live At Bestival

Children Of The Sea

The Lancashire Hotpots – He’s Turned Emo (White Label)

Jonquil – Sudden Sun (Try Harder)

Slow Club Live At Bestival

I’m Alive

DIY Label Of The Week: Associated Minds

Metabeats – Live And Let Live
Willa Wispa – Same Old Master

Six Nation State – We Could Be Happy (Jeepster)

Robots In Disguise Live At Bestival

La Nuit

Spencer Mcgarry Season - A Title Sparks Would Have Used (Business Man Records

Hugo Frusslinky – Hold It Off (White Label)

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