Huw Stephens

Wed 21.00 & Thu 00.00

Thursday 23 August

Pete and the Pirates – Knots (Stolen Recordings)
S.H.A.P.E.S – Hold On (White Label)

Connan and the Mockasins recorded live at Green Man Festival

Sneaky Sneaky Dog Friend
Happy Holidays

On The Radar

Foals - Mathletics (Transgressive)
Kinski – album – Down Below It’s Chaos (Sub Pop)
Clean George IV – Wasted On The Radio (Black Spring Recordings)
Emmy The Great – Easter Parade (Close Harbour)
Bearsuit – More Soul Than Wigan Casino (Fantastic Plastic)
We Start Fires – Play You (White Label)

Nova Robotics – Check Your Vitals (White Label)
Health – Crimewave (Lovepump United)
Kotki Dwa – Pad (Dance To The Radio)

Tipster Ali from Dance To The Radio

Grammatics – Shodow Committee (Dance To The Radio)

Razmataz Lorry Excitement – A Sense Of Excitement (White Label)

Emmy The Great recorded live at Green Man Festival

City Song
The Hypnotist’s Son

Tellison – Hanover Start Clapping
Raxter – Too Strong (White Label)

Lisa Knapp recorded live at Green Man Festival

Model Horror – Stand Still (White Label)
Dan Geesin – Prefered Rhythm (Atik)

Alun Tan Lan recorded live at Green Man Festival


Ian Britt – Instincts (White Label)

DIY Label Of The Week: Brainlove Records

Napoleon III – Anit – Patria
Pagan Wanderer Lu – Repetition 2

Andrew Hockey recorded live at Green Man Festival

October Song

Twennytwox – Elsewhere (White Label)
High Quality Recordongs - Mutations (High Quality Recordings)

Eugene Francis Jnr & The Jnrs recorded live at Green Man Festival

Poor Me

Kate Goes – Boomshadilak (White Label)

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Sound Of Sonar

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