Huw Stephens

Wed 21.00 & Thu 00.00

Thursday 26 July

This City – 'Romantic' (Fandago)
Shapes - 'Hold On' (White)
Noah and the Whale - 'Jocasta' (Young and Lost Club)
Matt & Sherman – 'Everything’s OK' (LOBE RECORDS)
Mono Taxi - 'The Sound Of You' (Ciao Ketchup Recordings)

On The Radar

Tiny Masters Of Today – ‘Radio Riot’ (Mute)
Electric Soft Parade – ‘Misunderstanding’ (Truck)
VWF – ‘I Won't Do You Any Harm’ (Sidewalk 7)
Maps – ‘You Don't Know Her Name’ (Mute)
Turbo Fruits – ‘Volcano’ (Ecstatic Piece)
Eugene Francis Jnr – ‘Poor Me’ (Legion)

Wake the President – ‘Sorrows For Clothes’

Tipster - The Kaptain

Dead Residents Vs Optimas Prime - 'Boogaloo'

Live From Latitude

Monkey Swallows The Universe – 'Matter Honey' + 'Bloodline'

Stinky Munchkins – 'Release the Lions' (Art/Goes/Pop)
Bill Davro and the Popes – ‘And Even Though’ (White)
Razmataz Lorry Experiment – ‘The Sense Of Excitement’ (Fake Dream Records)

4 or 5 Magicians In Session

‘In The Band’
‘Forever on the Edge’

Live From Latitude

Slow Club – 'Me and You'
Sam Isaac – 'Carbon Dating' (White)
4 or 5 Magicians In Session

‘Gimme Indie Rock’

Minced Beats - 'John Cravings' (White)


Spaceships Are Cool feat Tatatamoto - 'She'

Steveless – ‘On A Dream About Yul Brynner As A Robotic Cowboy Like He Was In The Film Westworld’ (Cherryade)


This Town Needs Guns – ‘26 is Dancier Than 4’ (Big Scary Monsters)
Meet Me in St Louis – 'I Have Knives in My Eyes, I’m Going Home Sick' (Big Scary Monsters)

Liz Green – 'Hey Joe' (Live track from Maida Vale)
2 Hot 2 Sweat – 'Your Space or Mine' (White)
Penny Broadhurst – 'Chemist Goods' (White)
The Schoolgirls – 'Track 1' (White)

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