Huw Stephens

Wed 21.00 & Thu 00.00

Thursday 24 June

The Wombats – 'Kill the Director' (14th Floor Records)
Viva Machine – 'Robot Bodyrox' (White Label)
Wolfgang – 'Not in Love' (Not True)
Stuffy and the Fuses – 'Spineless' (Sour Puss Records)

On The Radar
Soft Hearted Scientists – 'Light Years To Nothing' (My Kung Fu)
Loungs – ‘?’ (Akoustik Anarkhy)
The Hat – 'Open Hearts' (Sunday Best)
Governors of California (Lock Jaw Records)
Jackobinarina – 'Jesus' (Regal)

Cate le Bon – 'No One Can Drag Me Down' (White Label)

Breaking The Illusion - 'Mr Bouncer'
Y'r Impossible – 'Art Machine'

Get Cape Wear Cape Fly Live at R1’s Big Weekend in Preston:
War Of The Worlds
Call Me Ishmael
Chronicles Of A Bohemian Teenager

Underling – 'Trod Treads'
Bearsuit – 'Jupiter Force' (Recruitment Video)
Armrug – 'My Voice'
Middleman - 'blah blah blah' (Bad Sneakers)
Ceri Collins – 'This Story Is So Good It Must Be Fattening'
Black Caesar – 'Mathew The Chicken'
Rivers - 'Italized'
Pete and the Pirates - 'She doesn't Belong'
Redwings – 'Love In The Ladies'

DIY Label Of The Week: SL Records
Thomas Truax – 'Why Dogs Howl At The Moon'
Paul Vickers and The Leg – 'Chime Chime Cherry'

Tall Pony – 'I’m Your Boyfriend Now' (Cherryade Records)
Frogpocket - 'Underwood Ladykirk'

Whiskeycats - 'Slipped Disco'
The Whippets - 'Plebian Society'
Duke Raoul – 'Untitled'
The Dollymops – 'Car Crash'
Park Bench Poet – 'New Direction'
Costello – 'Back To The Noughties'
Codex Machine - 'Crunch'

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