Huw Stephens

Wed 21.00 & Thu 00.00

Thursday 10 May

Pete & The Pirates – Come On Feet (Stolen Recordings)
Cock N Bull Kid – Mother In My Bed
Brigadier Ambrose – Chatham Hill
Actionier - Racer

On The Radar

Figurines – I Remember Denmark (Strange Feeling)
Tim Ten Yen – Girl Number One (Fleet Street Records)
Reverend & The Makers - Heavyweight Champion Of The World (Wall Of Sound)
Help She Can’t Swim – Hospital Drama (Fantastic Plastic)
Melt Banana - Blank Page Of The Blind(A-Zap)
Sunset Cinema Club – Gojira Suit (Hijack Records)

Breaking The Illusion – Sweet Talk
Johnny Foreigner – Yes You Talk Too Fast
DJ P-R-S & Cinematic – Luminous Colours

Slow Club In Session
Because We’re Dead
I’m Alive

Paul Rooney – Lucy Over Lancashire Part 4
Avast – Faultlines
Grand Prix 86 – Lights In Your Eyes (David E Sugar remix)
Ghouqueu – King Of The World

Tipster: Mark from Sandman Magazine in Sheffield
Harrisons – Dear Constable

Letters & Colours – Gaunt
Messiah J and The Expert – Domino Effect

DIY Label Of The Week: Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation
Heartyeah – Chris Huelsbank

DIY Label Of The Week: Phantom Power
Balor Knight - Tornado

People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz – Bad Restaurant Boogie
Little Glitches – Sudden Moment Of Clarity

Slow Club In Session

Ape Drape Escape – Took The Teeth From The Tiger
Playace – Psycotic
Yr Impossible – Art Machine
Catgut – Fancy Dress

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