Huw Stephens

Wed 21.00 & Thu 00.00

Thursday 8 Feb

The Adventures Of Loki - 'Feminine Side'
Dolby Anol - 'Ghost Haus'
This City - Track One'
Moira Stewart - 'Stars Are Shiny'

Out This Week
Seagull Strange - 'Better Angels Of Our Nature' (Album) (Shifty Disco)
Kate Nash - 'Caroline's A Victim' (Moshi Moshi)
Tokyo Police Club - 'Cheer It On' (Memphis Industries)
Marissa Nadler - 'Diamond Heart' (Peacefrog)
Clinic - 'If You Could Read Your Mind' (Domino)
The Hot Puppies - 'How Come You Don't Hold Me No More' (Fierce Panda)
Feedle - 'Song For Dogs'
Radio Luxembourg - 'Mostyn A Diego'
Monkey Swallows The Universe - 'Gravestones'

Silver Pyre In Session

Alamos - 'Silly Icarus, But You Can't Really Blame Him For Trying'
Genetics - 'Feel It'
 My-Device - 'Eat Lead' (Shifty Disco)
Gindrinker - 'Hey, Green Grocer'

Tipster Jen From Cardiff
Hornby Pylons - 'H Is For Hornby'

People Like Us  - 'Oh No Not Another Cha Cha'

DIY Label Of The Week - Art Goes Pop
Pop-Up - 'Chinese Burn'
Duloks - 'I'm Gonna Follow Your Star Trail'

The Peakz - 'Follow Me'
Mertle - '3 Steps To Happiness'
Truckers Of Husk - 'Salad Ballad'
All New Adventures Of Us - 'St Crispin's Got Our Balls'

Silver Pyre In Session
'Lilstock Ammonite'

Eugene McGuinness - 'Myrtle Parade'
A Million Billion - 'Plum Palm' (50 Minute Compilation CD) (Exercise )
Attack & Defend - 'Garibaldi'
Plyci - 'Blodau'

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