Huw Stephens

Wed 21.00 & Thu 00.00

Thursday 14 December

The Special Relationship - 'Tearing Your Heart Out'
Ralph Rip S**t - 'The Best Name'
Mr Hopkinson's Computer - 'Fairytale of New York'
Tall Pony - 'I'm Your Boyfriend Now'

Label Watch: Out This Week:
Dr Octagon -'Trees'
Eberg - 'Twinkle'
Low Miffs - 'Sprach Shareholder'
Mum - 'Peel Session' (Fat Cat)
Viva Voce - Faster Than A Dead Horse' (Barsuk Records / Full Time Hobby)
Mighty Roars - 'Sellotape' (One Little Indian)
Nat Baldwin - 'Only In My Dreams' (Broken Sparrow Records)

Data Select Party - 'This Charm Is Charmless'
Richie Phoe - 'Way Back When'
Instinct - 'Addict'

Sunset Cinema Club In Session
Breast Stroke
Ninki vs Dingle

Middleman - 'Untitled'

Tipster Katherine from Cambridge
The Foals - 'Two Steps, Twice'

One Night Only - 'You And Me'
Duloks - 'Bad Vegetarian'
My Device - 'I Was Brave Today'
Minced Beats - 'Untitled'

DIY Label of the Week - Sea Records
Mugstar - 'Subtle Freak'
Woman - 'Margarine Tea'
Ambulance -- 'Not The Same Boy'

Thee Cat's Pajamas - 'I Love You Santa'
The Skagz - 'Whitwell'

Sunset Cinema Club In Session
Bus Stop Girl
Gojira Suit

Bass Clef - 'Cannot Be Straightened' (LP - 'A Smile Is A Curve That Straightens Most Things') (Blank Tapes Records)

Mr G. and Rich - 'Life And How Not To Live It' (Exercise 1 Compilation CD)
Steveless/Syd Howells - 'Cutlery'
Little My - 'Sellotape My Hands' (Twisted By Design Compilation CD)
Riff Raff - 'Crazy' (remix)

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