Huw Stephens

Wed 21.00 & Thu 00.00

Thursday 12 October

Rory McVicar – 'Now That You’re Mine'
Zabrinski - 'Flick the Switch'
Sonic Bet Down Bitches – ‘French Foreign Film’
True Adventures - 'I Dare You'

Out This Week
Jeremy Warmsley – 'The Art Of Fiction' (album) (Transgressive)
Bright Eyes – 'Noise Floor' (album) (Saddle Creek)
Archie Bronson Trio – 'Cherry Lips' (Single)
Les Malas Amistades – ‘Jardin Interior’ (album) (Honest John)
Cocteau Twins – ‘Musette and Drums’ (from ‘John Peel: Right Time, Wrong Speed 1977-1987) (WMTV)

Swound! - What's Your Poison?
Serving Scouse – ‘5 Inch Rims’ (Phat Arse Records)
The Wombats – ‘Moving To New York’ (Kids the label)
Gethen Pearson & The Scenery – ‘Lost At Sea’
Vessels – ‘The Beast’
Primitive Form – ‘Switching It Up’ (Tactical Thinking Records)
Deserters – ‘Release’ (from 'Stressed Vol.3') (Stressed Records)
Lifting Gear, Engineer – ‘Cinder’
Monster Bobby – ‘My Band’

Maida Vale Session:
Scouting For Girls – ‘Keep On Walkin’
Scouting For Girls – ‘She’s So Lovely’

Dananananaykroyd – ‘The Greater Than Symbol And The Hash’

Tipster Mully from Brighton
Ed Cox – ‘The Triumphant’

DIY Label: Probuscus Records
DJ Floorclearer – ‘Afraid’ (EP – ‘Death Testicle’) (Proboscus)
Ebola – ‘Klingon Rave Assault Squad (Hab So S11 Quch! Mix) (EP Death Testicle) (Proboscus)

Catgut - Track 1 (Untitled)

Maida Vale Session
Scouting For Girls – ‘The Aeroplane Song’
Scouting For Girls – ‘Elvis Isn’t Dead’

The Doloks – ‘Boom Boom!’
Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies – ‘Oh! Magic Sleeps That Gild These Judgement Lapses’ (50 Minutes compilation CD) (Exercise1)
People Of Santiago – ‘Broadcast’
Digital Filth – ‘Control Me’

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