Huw Stephens

Wed 21.00 & Thu 00.00

18th July 2006

Cut Chemist – ‘Motivational Speaker’ (LP – The Audience’s Listening) (Beatdown Recordings)
Misty’s Big Adventure – ‘Fashion Parade’ (CDR) (White Label)
Die! Die! Die! Die! – ‘Ashtray Ashtray’ (single) (Zap System)
Evils – ‘Have A Good Time’ (CDR) (White Label)
Talk – ‘Bypass Control’ (single) (Fortune & Glory)
Pipettes  - ‘I Love You’ (LP – We Are The Pipettes) (Memphis Industries)
Jairus – ‘The Wave Rolls Back’ (LP – The New Blood) (Big Scary Monsters)
Zombi – ‘Digitalis’ (single) (Static Caravan)
Monotape – ‘Something About Brooks’ (CDR) (White Label)

UNSIGNED TRACK 1: Laura Lost – ‘Graffiti’

Hot Club De Paris – ‘Sometimes Its Better Not To Stick Bits Of Each Other In Each Other For Each Other’ (single) (Moshi Moshi Records)
A Guy Called Gerald – ‘Nasty’ (LP – Proto Acid  The Berlin Sessions) (Laboratory Instinct)
Peter, Bjorn & John - 'Young Folks' (single) (Witchita)

Lambchop – ‘Crackers’ (LP – Damaged) (City Slang)

Quack Quack – ‘Mars’ (7” ) (Run Of The Mill)

Tortoise – ‘Madison Area’ (Box Set – A Lazarus Taxon) (Thrill Jockey)
UNSIGNED TRACK 2: The Girl From Headquarters – ‘On Reflection’

Wang Lei – ‘Earth’ (LP – Independent Dub N Bass from China) (Expressillon)
Vashti Bunyan – ‘Lately’ (LP – ‘Look Aftering) (Fatcat)
Grizzly Bear - 'On A Neck On A Spit' (single) (Warp)
Snack Truck – ‘Terrier Of The Pale Moon‘ (7”) (Blood Of The Drash Records)

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