Huw Stephens

Wed 21.00 & Thu 00.00

4th April 2006

Jilted John - 'Jilted John' (LP - Zero A Martin Hannett Story) (Ace Records)
Polysics - 'I My Me Mine' (LP - Now Is The Time) (Tired and Lonesome)
Matmos - 'Solo Buttons for Joe Meek' (LP - The Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of a Beast) (Matador Records)
The Atoms - 'Don't Need You' (LP - Staying True With The Atoms) (Stressed Records)
Robyn G Shiels - 'We Are Of Evil' (Single) (No Dancing Records)

SESSION TRACK :  Fixit Kid - Hand Of God

Meson - 'Slth VII' (LP - Access Tonal Communication) (
Richard Swift - 'Lovely Night' (Secretly Canadian)
The Boyfriends - 'Adult Acne' (Single) (Boobytrap Records
UNSIGNED TRACK : The Makeshift Reward - 'Watch Out! Catch The Alarm'

Camera Obscura - 'Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken' (Single) (Elefant Records)
Broken Family Band - 'You're Like a Woman' (LP - Balls) (Track and Field Recordings)
SESSION TRACK : Fixit Kid - Whiskey Pit

Soundhog - '500 Bad Mice' (EP - This is Infinite Zen) (Prank Monkey)
Longcut - 'Vitamin C' (LP - A Call and Response) (Deltasonic/Columbia)
Victorian English Gentlemans Club - Ban the Gin (Single - Fantastic Plastic Records)
My Latest Novel - 'The Reputation Of Ross Francis' (Bella Union)

SESSION TRACK : Fixit Kid - We've Been Watching The Riots On A Monitor
Calexico - 'Lucky Dime' (LP - Garden Ruin) (City Slang)

UNSIGNED TRACK : The Roy Jesus Experience -  Throw It All Away

Jim and Lynette Eldon - 'Tommy Bell' (LP - Jim & Lynette Eldon) (Stick)
Dedalus - Loophole (White Label)
Daedelus - 'Our Last Stand' (LP - Denies the Days Demise) (Ninja Tune)
Retro Spankees - 'The Terror of Bruges ' (LP - I Know What You Are But What Am I?) (Kooky Disc)
SESSION TRACK : Fixit Kid - Taking Liberties

Numbers - 'Black Crow Heart Of Gold' (LP - We're Animals) (Kill Rock Stars)
F Off Machete - 'What's the Signal?' (Single) (Simbiotic Recordings)

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