Huw Stephens

Wed 21.00 & Thu 00.00

21st February 2006

The Mutts - Come On Come Up Come In (Fatcat) (Single) (Domino)
Battles - IPT-2 (EP - C/B) (Warp)
The Knife - One Hit (Single) (Rabid/Brille Records)
DragonFlies Draw Flames - Seamonster Skeletons (LP - Harboured Safe) (Stressed Records)
Jim Noir - Key of C (Single) (My Dad Recordings)
Quack Quack - Bravo 150 (EP) (Run of the Mill)

SESSION TRACK : Piskie Sits - Props
The Horror! The Horror! - Lack of Talent (Single) (Tapete Records)
OS Mutantes - Ave Genghis Khan (LP - Tropicalia - A Brazilian Revolution In Sound) (Soul Jazz Records)

UNSIGNED TRACK : Catgut - Ant Fights

Jeggsy Dodd - No Place to Run (LP - Jegsy Dodd & The Songs Of Harry Cross) (Probe Plus)

SESSION TRACK : Piskie Sits - Jelly Ring

Listen With Sarah - Little Hula Girl (CD)
Jim Eldon - Dancing in the Dark (LP - More Great Moments In Vinyl History) (Wrass Records)
Soledad Brothers - Good Feeling (Single) (Loog)
Dawn of the Replicants - Fix the Air (LP - Fangs) (SL Records)

SESSION TRACK : Piskie Sits - Big Fat Mouth

Naing Naing - Brosse a Danse (LP - Tootbrush Fever) (Acropole Records)

UNSIGNED TRACK : Look Look (Dancing Boys) - Reliving my Childhood

Stereolab - Eye of the Volcano (LP - Fab four Suture) (Too Pure)
Loefah & Skream - 28 Grams (12") (Tectonic)
Absentee - Something to Bang (Single) (Memphis Industries)

SESSION TRACK : Piskie Sits - Witches 

Hoofus - Can I Go Now? (Split Single) (Howlback Hum Records)
The Drones - Shark Fin Blues (Single) (ATP Reordings)
Mclusky - Alan Is A Cowboy Killer (LP - McCluskism) (Too Pure)

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