Huw Stephens

Wed 21.00 & Thu 00.00

16th August 2005

James Kochalka Superstar - Frog on Top of A Skyscraper - (LP Our Most Beloved) (Rykodisc)
The Mardous - Revolution Over The Phone (single) (Poptones)
Dressed in Wires - The Breeders (Big Black C**K of Death EP) (Distraction Records)

David Jack - Chequered Research  (single) (Poptones)
Bonnie Prince Billy/Sweeney - I Gave You
Jason Forrrest - New Wave Folk Austerity (LP Shamelessly Exciting) (Sonig Records)

UNSIGNED - The Boss - Disco

DM Bob & Country Jem - Like It That Way (LP Bum Steer) (Hazelwood Vinyl Plastics)

SESSION: Mugstar - Bethany Heart Star

Sigur Ros - Glosoli (EMI) (single)
DJ Scotch Egg - Acid Boy 2 ( LP KFC Core) (Adaadat) 
Super Furry Animals - Walk You Home (LP Lovecraft)

Venetian Snares - Aamelotasis (LP Meathole) (Planet Mu)
The Victorian English Gentleman's Club -  The Tales of Hermit Mark (Fantastic Plastic)
Animal Collective - The Purple Bottle (LP feels) (Fat Cat)

SESSION: Mugstar - My Babyskull Has Not Yet Flowered

UNSIGNED: Hunting :Lodge - Don't Touch My Neck

Rory McVicar - The Things You Do (White Label)
Josephine Foster - The Golden Wooden Tone (LP Hazel Eyes I Will Lead You)

Stephen Malkmus - Baby C'mon (single) (Domino)
Malcolm Middleton - Break My Heart (LP Into The Woods) (Chemikal Underground)

SESSION: Mugstar - Crempogsmultron

Ooioo - Grow Sound Tree (LP Gold & Green) (Thrill Jockey) 
Roll Deep - Avenue (LP In At The Deep End)
Part Chimp - Monkey Slaughter (Peel Session)

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