Huw Stephens

Wed 21.00 & Thu 00.00

13th June 2005

Kid Carpet - £1500 & A Bus (White Label) (War Child Music)
Eight Frozen Modules - Drills For Devil Dub (LP Crumbling and Responding) (Very Friendly)
My Two Toms - Untitled (LP Field Recordings) (White Label)
Fleeing New York - Up Up Up Up (Single) (Stuck Up Music)
Si Begg - Kink Vs Begg ("12) (Noodles)

UNSIGNED : Libor Spacek - Sibling of Sleep (White Label)

Klube - Lladd Dafad Lladd (EP - Hard Cor)
Various - Poor Old Ken (LP Dirty Fan Male) (Trunk Records)
Crosbi - Sonny (Single) (Split Records)
International Karate Plus - Nexus In A Chain of Thought (Single) ( FF Vinyl)

Kid 606 - Phoenix Riddim (LP The Wire Tapper Free CD)
Petra Jean Phillipson - Into My Arms (LP Notes on Love) (Gronland Records)
Secondson and his Orchestra - Rags (Feat Humurak D Gritty) (Secondson and his Orchestra Vol 1) (SFDB)
Plastica - Stay With Me (Single) (Wretched)
Malcolm Middleton - Break My Heart (LP Into The Woods) (Che! mikal Underground)
Three Silver Mt Zion Orchestra & Tra La La Band (Horses In The Sky) (Constellation Records)

UNSIGNED : Steveless -The Book (White Label)

Mandarin Movie - Black Goat (Part 1) (LP Mandarin Movie)

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