Huw Stephens

Wed 21.00 & Thu 00.00

5th April 2005

Beach Boys - Mama Says (LP - Wild Honey) (Capital)
DJ Spazmo- My Sharona (LP Wreckage) (Adverse Camber)
Battle - Isabelle (single) (Fierce Panda)
SESSION: Fleeing New York - UP Up Up Up
Akira The Don - Patrick (EP- AAA) (Something in Construction)
Teenage Fanclub - Cells (LP - Man Made) (PeMa)
UNSIGNED : The Escape - Static on The Mirror (White Label)
Venetian Snares - Ongyilko Vasarnap (LP Rossz Csillag Alatt Szulett) (Planet Mu)
The Martini Henry Rifles - Slash The Seats (LP Superbastard) (FFVinyl)
White Magic - Keeping The Wolves Through The Door (EP Through The Sun Door) (Drag City)
SESSION : Fleeing New York - Hollywood Bowl
Zabrinski -Seal My Caves (LP - Ill Gotten Gains) (Ankst Music)
The Forest - Living Room (Single) (Slogan Records)
Blaktrix feat Humrak D Gritty - Indian Rope Trick (EP Strappado Styles) (Tissimo)
Amusement Parks on Fire - Yesterday's Mistakes (single) (GM Records)
SESSION: Fleeing New York - At Night
Fotomoto - L'Armour Africaine (Suranov a)
Kid Carpet - Your Love (single) (Tired and Lonesome)
UNSIGNED: The Pistolas - Listen Listen (White Label)
King Creosote - Klutz (single) (Domino)
The Cranebuilders - Radio (LP Sometimes You Hear Through Someone Else) (Skinny Dog)
Marissa Nadler - Stallions (Ballads of Living and Dying) (Beautiful Happiness)
Suo-ganeon - Coi Mi Mero (LP - Hwiandgerddi) (SAIN)
Exile -Sillicon Chop (LP Pro Agonist) (Planet Mu)
SESSION : Fleeing New York - Eyeballs
The Envelopes - Audrey in the Country (EP - It Is The Law)
Persil - Happy (EP Tune Up) (Transfromed Dreams)
Mugstar - My Babyskull Has Not Yet Flowered (Single) (White Label)
Olaf Hund - Gymnopedie No.4 (Poor Lonesome Piano) (Musiques Hybrides)
Solex - Hot Diggidy Dog Run Run Run (LP The Laughing Stock of Indie Rock) (Discmeister)

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