About Radio 1

BBC Radio 1 plays the best new music and supports emerging talent. As well as Radio 1’s Live Lounge and the world famous Essential Mix, we’re home to the UK’s Official Chart and great DJs including Nick Grimshaw, Pete Tong and Annie Mac.



Can you link to my sponsorship page or promote it on air?

Like the rest of the BBC, Radio 1 supports Comic Relief, Sport Relief and Children in Need. We do wish you all the best in your money raising efforts, but we’re not able to help with requests to support specific charities or promote activities on air.


How can I complain about a BBC programme?

If you have a complaint about Radio 1 or the BBC then please submit it via our central complaints website to be guaranteed a reply. Please visit www.bbc.co.uk/complaints where you can find full details of the BBC's complaints procedure.


Why can't I download Essential Mix / Live Lounge etc?

Lots of listeners ask us this. The answer is, we can't make the music available to download because we don't own the copyright on the music - so it's not ours to give away. The music belongs to the artist and record label, so that's why we can't give it away for listeners to keep.


What's Radio 1's FM frequency?

We're between 97-99 FM, depending where you are in the UK.

Can I listen on my phone or tablet?

Yes you can, using the BBC iPlayer Radio app! The app is available on iTunes (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Google Play (Android) and Amazon (Android and Kindle Fire).

When you've got a WiFi connection you can also download our podcasts.


What's the number to text Radio 1?

81199. Please note not all shows read text messages out on air – so you may want to wait until DJs give out the text number before sending us your comments.

How much profit do you make on them?

We don't make any profit from the texts we receive. Texts will not be included in your inclusive text bundles, and the exact cost of each message depends on your service provider - it is typically between 10 and 15 pence per message. MMS (Picture) messages may cost more - you should check with your service provider for exact details. Please make sure you take care when entering our number as some subscription services have similar numbers to ours.


How long do shows take to arrive on iPlayer?

Shows normally appear within an hour of them finishing on the radio.


I am outside the UK, why can't I download some podcasts?

The legal complications over music rights mean that for now, we're unable to offer podcasts which feature music outside the UK. Our Introducing music podcast is available to download all over the world, because it features only unsigned acts. You can also subscribe to our stories, entertainment news and some of our DJs' podcasts

Although we would love to make our podcasts available worldwide, some BBC podcasts are restricted to users in the UK. This is mostly because of very complicated music rights agreements which prevent us from making the podcasts globally available.


Where are tracklistings?

The tracklistings for every show now appear on the episode page for that particular show - where you can also listen in iPlayer. So if you go to the date of the show you want, you can scroll down the page and see the tracks there.

After the show has expired (30 days after broadcast) the tracklistings will stay on the page.

So for example Pete Tong's tracklistings for the 27 November show are on this episode page.


How do I send you my music to listen to?

There are two ways:

1. Upload it to the BBC Introducing website


It will go to your local BBC radio station first. Please read all the terms and conditions.

The music uploader is only for artists in the UK, so we can manage the volume of music.

You can also get good advice on the BBC Introducing site if you're a new act.

2. Email the relevant show with a link to hear your music.

Click 'Contact' at the top of all our DJs' pages for their email addresses.

Here are a few tips:

a. Listen to our shows and identify which DJs are most likely to play your music. Then send your music to the relevant show.

b. Include your contact details (email, phone number etc)

c. Include some biographical information

If your music is selected for play the show's production team will get in touch asking for more details, such as a link to an artist photo or packshot.


Why can't I watch some Radio 1 video outside the UK?

We would love to make our video content available worldwide. At the moment most of our music performance videos (like the Live Lounge) are restricted to the UK. It's because of the costs of streaming video globally and the legal complexities of music rights around live performances.

We have to make the BBC good value for the British public who fund the BBC via the licence fee they pay. We hope to offer video around the whole world in future though.

I'm in the UK but it says I'm not

Sometimes even though you're in Britain you may see a message saying you're not. This could be because your computer is on a foreign-based network, or is routed overseas (sometimes the case with work connections if your employer is not UK-based). Some programs, such as web accelerators, can cause your IP address (your computer's individual identity) to appear as if it is outside the UK. Occasionally it may simply be a network error, so it's worth closing your browser or router and reopening, as a new IP address is allocated which may be UK-based. This is something your internet service provider is usually best-placed to fix.


What charts do you publish?

We currently publish 13 weekly music charts:

  • UK Top 40 Singles (updated live, 4-5:45pm Fri)
  • UK Top 40 Albums (updated live, 4-5:45pm Fri)
  • UK Top 40 Compilations (5:45pm Fri)
  • UK Top 40 Dance Singles (5:45pm Fri)
  • UK Top 40 Dance Albums (5:45pm Fri)
  • UK Top 40 Indie Singles (5:45pm Fri)
  • UK Top 40 Indie Albums (5:45pm Fri)
  • UK Top 40 RnB Singles (5:45pm Fri)
  • UK Top 40 RnB Albums (5:45pm Fri)
  • UK Top 40 Rock Singles (5:45pm Fri)
  • UK Top 40 Rock Albums (5:45pm Fri)

The information for the charts is licensed to the BBC by The Official UK Charts Company.

Why are some pages so out of date?

If you've arrived at one of our webpages via a search engine, in some rare instances you may be viewing archived content which is now out of date. If this is the case you'll usually see a large banner across the top of the page to make this clear. If, however, you find an out of date page when browsing the Radio 1 website, please do contact us.

How do I get a job/work experience placement/DJ position at Radio 1?

You can search and apply for BBC job and work experience opportunities at http://www.bbc.co.uk/careers.

How do I request a track or shout out?

If you'd like to request a track or shout out, please contact the individual show you're interested in. Simply browse to the relevant show page and look for the show's Contact section.

How to Listen

Ways to Listen to Radio 1

iPlayer Radio app - Find out how to get the iPlayer Radio app on your mobile device.

FM radio - Radio 1 is between 97-99 FM in the UK.

DAB radio is digital so no crackly reception!

Digital TV - there's several options. Freeview channel 700; Freesat dhannel 696; Sky TV (UK) channel 0101; Virgin Media channel 901; TalkTalk TV channel 600; UPC Ireland channel 907

Online - click 'Stations' at the top of the website. Or listen back to any show on the DJ's page.

For all support listening online, please use BBC iPlayer Radio help.


Contact Radio 1

We receive a lot of emails, texts and tweets each day and do our best to read them all, but we can’t promise to reply to them all individually.

We’ve already had a go at answering some of your most Frequently Asked Questions.

You can also join us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter: @bbcr1

If you want to contact a specific show or DJ: go to their DJ page, and then click on "contact" in the navigation strip at the top of the page – please note however that some shows receive hundreds of emails a day and we will not always be able to respond.

Complaints: If you have a complaint about any aspect of the BBC, including our shows and services, please go to the BBC Complaints website.

Texting us: You can text us on 81199. Texts will not be included in your inclusive text bundles, and the exact cost of each message depends on your service provider - it is typically between 10 and 15 pence per message. MMS (Picture) messages may cost more - you should check with your service provider for exact details. Please make sure you take care when entering our number as some subscription services have similar numbers to ours.

Phone: If a DJ asks for callers or we are running competitions we usually use the number 03700 100 100 (standard geographic charges apply). At other times, sending a text or email is the best idea as the phone line is not always manned and your call is unlikely to be answered.

Post: You can send stuff to us at BBC Radio 1, London, W1A 1AA

Listening Online: If you are having a problem listening to Radio 1 online, please visit the Radio Help page.