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B'Hellmouth Guerilla Gig live

Send More very afraid

As winners of Zane's Fresh Meat competition, Zombiecore nutters Send More Paramedics will be feasting on our blood at the Guerilla Gig Live pilot. Which is nice. Guerilla spoke to B'Hellmouth, the band's frontman.

Guerilla: So, B'Hellmouth...we're a little bit scared of you guys. Should we be?

B'Hellmouth: Absolutely. We are, after all, members of the living dead. We will eat your brains. This will probably be the last broadcast you'll ever make.

G: Erm…right, OK. Are you eating brain now?

B: Yes, I just a polished a small one off. Quite succulent.

G: For those not in the know, define "Zombiecore"

B: Well, Zombiecore is a fusion of 80s thrash and modern hardcore punk. It's entirely written, played, performed and themed around zombies.

G: So it would seem. So where did the zombie theme come from?

B: We arose fully formed from the grave, with no recollection of our past lives. We were suddenly awake, seeing everything through a blood red haze. We figured thrash metal was the best way to go about expressing the pain of being undead.

G: That seems fair. What other bands influenced your zombie sound?

B: I guess our musical touchstones are bands like Slayer, Metallica, Anthrax, Minor Threat and Propagandi.

G: How long have you been together?

B: We started on Halloween night, 2001.

Send More ParamedicsG: Of course. Who's in the band?

B: Myself, B'Hellmouth, on vocals; Medico on guitar; X Undead on bass; and on the drums, El Diablo.

G: Are there any other Zombiecore bands out there, or are you guys pioneering your own niche genre?

B: In the USA, there's Zombie Apocalypse, former members of Shaihulud. We reckon they spawned from us. Perhaps a contagion crossed the Atlantic, giving rise to a zombie outbreak in the States. There's a long tradition of horror punk and metal, but the difference is we're actually dead, which sets us apart from all the imitators out there [he takes a slurp of blood]. In truth, there aren't too many bands doing it.

G: What records have you put out so far?

G: We have two full length albums out on In At The Deep End records. And we also did a split with Zombie Apocalypse. We're going to record a new album in May, and it'll hopefully be out in the Summer.

G: Nice. Send More Paramedics have played with some pretty cool bands (Offspring, Misfits, Sick Of It All, Horrorpops) - who did you enjoy playing with the most?

B: Misfits were amazing - they're legends. They were the original horror punk experience. We enjoyed Offspring for the sheer scale of things.

G: Are you looking forward to making your TV debut on Guerilla? Feeling the pressure?

B: Definitely, this will be the first time they've let us play a whole song on TV! I'm hoping the crowd will be petrified and rooted to the spot, so I can take advantage and feast on their brains.

G: Excellent. Thanks...

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