Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

Sunday 12 February

Ian Simmonds - 'The Dog' (Kompakt)
Bugz In The Attic - 'Sounds Like' (V2)
D*Note - 'Lost and Found (VC Recordings)
Lamb - 'Cotton Wool' (Fila Brasilia remix) ( Fontana )
Various Productions - 'Untitled' (White Label)
Double Edge - 'Dinner 4 2' (Dented Records)
Jehst - 'Work Ethic' (XXL)

Jhest, DJIQ and Smurf, Jay Dee Dedication Session
J Dilla - 'Untitled' (White Label)
Phat Cat - 'Dedication To The Suckas (Instrumental)' (White Label)
Jay Dee - 'F*** The Police' (Up Above)
Umod - 'Mash Up' (Sonar Kollektiv)
Unknown - 'Keys 2' (White Label)
Heritage Orchestra - 'Sky Breaks' (White Label)

Nostalgia 77 in Session
Nostalgia 77 - 'Watusa' (Tru Thoughts)
Nostalgia 77 - 'The Hope Suite' (Live In Session)
Nostalgia 77 - ' Native Land ' (Live In Session)
Nostalgia 77 - 'After Ararat' (Tru Thoughts)
Mike Westbrook - 'Metropolis' (Part 1X) (Universal)

Robert Wyatt - 'At Last I Am Free' (Rough Trade)
Paul Weller - 'Wild Wood' (Go Discs)
The Subterraneans - 'Taurus Women' (Acid Jazz)

Your comments on the tracks 

respect to the g. dilla grievers check here for a "tribute mix" by dj dusk KCRW should be up later in the week.

King Sunny Ade P
Always keeping it fresh and different Full respect WW

Mark E what you doin in San Fran mate, what happened to sunny Birmingham. Rahaan killed it at Jigsaw last night where was you ??? Disco inside!

Repose en paix..J-dilla..One Love..Thanks jehst for dedication...Kiss Gilles... Peace

charles II
yesss- jehst dropping the wise words. literally- puting heads to bed. work ethic- oh dear!!!! Big up your chests worlwide crew rest in peace james yancey

Absolutely stunning piece from the Heritage Orchestra! Coming out on Brownswood Records?! Congrats Gillesy P!

seb w
Jay Dee. True Great. RIP

pierre c
greetings to all the midnight marauders. tunin' in late, but sounding real niiiiice. condolences to those who knew jay dee.

this is the part of the show I love most. chillin with style and great rhythms.. Gilles please don't leave us. You make me proud to be a brit

BIG show tonight. Big the Peterson, as usual, always championing the umchampioned on Radio1. Full Respect! simple : ) D

King Sunny Ade P
Big love to all Midnight Marauders. Dilla RIP

"J Dilla changed my life" we're not in LA anymore, RIP; Jehst talkin' sense, big UK for Nostalgia 77 session - Natural Self & Paul Murphy. Best'n'Peace

deeply wounded by james yancey's passing. man I loved that cat's beats. was always and will be fantastic.. one love WW crew

Paul G :: Heavy Mannas
sounding good in Perf (Western Australia)as always... big up Mr P - top show! J-Dilla .... RIP

British? And I'm an Inuit.

The Jehst freestyles are wicked. RIP J Dilla

big up Jehst, Sir Smurf & IQ for the sick JayDee freestyles. Drop a mention for Jehst gig on 5th March @the Star Venue in Guildford. peace Shrub

Nostalgia 77 - where it's at right now. Holding my breath with excitement...

So who was that boy-in-a-cap? (I know you won't post my commentary; I just like typing)

Kaila D'Sa
I have been listening to your show for a few years. I am from Hawaii but reside in Cali now. you are the real deal, tru 2 da beat.

J Dilla RIP. His spirit will live on through his music and all who know.

Word up Worldwide crew! Lovin' the show. J Dilla - Legend. Nuff said. Peace!

J Dilla RIP. His spirit will live on through his music and all who know.

Dilla R I P

What sad news, a great loss, wont forget Jaylib at the Jazz cafe, RIP man

is it
Just discovered your show and realised there is a whole nation of ppl that like the same music as i do. where have i been?

Tight show Gilles, big up to Brownswood. R.I.P J Dilla

Mark E
Feeling the Brit pressure here in sunny San Fran. Keep it up GP !

J Dilla. Much repect and thanks. RIP

bailey (who is worldwide)
cotton wool > hat doffed

that lamb tune is a real stormer - big respects!

RIP J Dilla

Luverly Lamb's hidden track. This is indulgement

not so much midnight here. Lovely Sunday afternoon in sunny Vancouver. Lovin' it.

easy G. can you play the new Zygote stuff you dropped the other week? looking forward to Jehst feature later on. JayDee RIP...another soldier lost. Play some Donuts LP/Slum V/Jaylib in memory...peace Shrub

RIP to Dilla, Looking forward to words and music next week. Lamb "Cottonwool" - Fila Brazilla mix, forgot how good this is!

jay dee rest in peace cant wait for Nostalgia 77 session.

Jay Dee - RIP : } D

Me too. D*Note.

RIP J Dilla

Evenin all Saw Nostalgia 77 on Friday, Unbelievable. should be a strong session

Big up Gilles P, Benc Cave & Beccy G - Long live UK music. : ) D

Jerry Blossom
Jay Dee - Rest in Peace. Best from Berlin.

just awesome all the time Giles, being listening to your show ever since it started.. so cool, why can't we have 3 hours worth of world wide. listening whilst working on my images.. Nice 1

Good evening J Dilla - RIP

Went to Shine to see you at the weekend only to find you played the Stiff Kitten the night before. Any chance of an address to post stuff to? I'm gutted I missed the gig.

Jerry Blossom
Jay Dee - Rest in Peace

bailey (who is worldwide)
locked in and looking forward to the uk special > j dilla RIP

Jerry Blossom
Berlin is lovin' it. Best to all the Midnight Marauders.

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