Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

Sunday 5 February

1) Soulphiction - 'Intro' (Sonar Kollektiv)
2) Loka - 'Tabernacle Part 1' (Ninja Tune)
3) Loka - 'Tabernacle Part 1' (Ninja Tune)
4) Ammon Contact Feat. Yusef Lateef , Prince Po & Dwight Trible 'Beautiful Flowers' (CDR)
5) Zero DB - 'Bongo's Brats & Basslines' (White)
6) Roc 'C' & Oh No (Tracks from J Dilla's Donuts) - 'Louder' (Stones Throw)
7) Ghostface Killah - 'Untitled' (CDR)
8) Stephanie - 'Avant Le Jazz' (Capitol)
9) Caetano Veloso - 'Samba Da Cabeca' (Phillips)
10) Louisito - 'Quinterio's' (White Label)
11) Floetry - 'I Want You' (Yoruba Mix) (White Label)
12) Osunlade - 'Circles' (White Label)

Bilal live In Session
13) Bilal - 'All For Love' (Live In Session)
14) Slapped Eye Ballers - 'Anti Fake Waltz' (Sonar Kollektiv)
15) Sistars - 'Chmoos' (Edit) (CDR)
16) The Pacifics - 'Southpaw' (All Natural)

Dudley Perkins, Georgia Anne Muldrow and Rahel : : Live In Session
17) MwesLee - ' Sta Fixe , Pa !' (Arkestra)
18) Madlib - 'Untitled' (CDR)
19) Madlib - 'Untitled' (CDR)
20) Georgia Anne Muldrow- 'Cool World' (Stones Throw)
21) Dudley Perkins, Georgia Anne Muldrow and Rahel- 'Flowers' (Live In Session)

22) Rahel- 'I Get So Nervous' (White Label)
22) Kelley Polar - 'Ashamed Of Myself' (Osunlade Remix) (White Label)
23) Needs - ' Laurentius' (karate Samba Sci Fi Mix) (CDR)
24) Voom Voom - 'Sao Verought' (K7)

Gilles Peterson Mini Mix
25) Arthur Blythe - 'Autumn in New York (Part One)' (BBE)
26) Rahsaan Roland Kirk - 'Spirits Up Above' (Collectables)
27) John Coltrane - 'Equinox' (Atlantic)
28) Roy Haynes - 'Quiet Fire' (Galaxy)
29) Art Blakey - 'And The Again' (Prestige)
30) Mark Murphy - 'My Favorite Things' (Fantasy)
31) The Jazz Crusaders - 'Young Rabbits' (Fantasy/Guts)
32) Charles Mingus - 'Moves' (Rhino/WEA)
33) Lee Konitz - 'Five, Four and Three' (BBE)
34) Donald Byrd - 'Cristo Redentor' (Blue Note)
35) Bill Evans - 'Peace Piece' (Original Jazz Classics)

36) Khan Jamal - 'Granny's Dance' (Philly Jazz)
37) Fanga Feat Tony Allen - 'Crache La Douleur' (Sacem)

Your comments on the tracks 

Africa begins in the Pyrenees, si señor!

Another DOMINGO, GO, GO!! Felicidades!

Stumped on the selection, (spotted a few though!) Very impressive for one arm on the edits!

Definition:Free:Sessions A new live experience featuring Dudley Perkins, Georgia Anne Muldrow & Rahel freestyling and performing over exclusive instrumentals from Madlib, Jay Dilla, Waajeed, Pete Rock, Eric Lau etc. February, 11 2006 at THE RHYTHM FACTORY 16-18 WHITECHAPEL ROAD, E1-1EW, LONDON, ALDGATE, E1-1EW Cost: FREE B4 11:30PM, £5 AFTER

3 tracks in to the comp and I'm lost already! Heres hoping it gets easier.

the bailey downunder
locked in and lovinggg it > stronggg

Eric Lau
the fonk will set you free

Found your show properly after The Big Chill 2005. You have changed my music outlook! Thank you so much. Missed the opportunity to win Soil & Pimp (gutted) so where the hell can I get it?! Lots of love x

yeah is it possible to get a podcasting of the show? how much would it cost?

I'm the right side of the pond for the Winter Music Conference this year. Does anyone have any suggestions for who I should see? Enjoying the show from the ATL. Thanks!

BIG UP to all the Midnight Marauding Gilles Petersonians. Dayo man, is he on holiday!

Dat Rahel track is silly!!

Hi Midnight people. That's that real fonk!! One for the next sesh LP? Wicked Gilles! Been listening for 5 years but 1st time on the MM board... Peace

one light one love one god

dudley and georgia
whassup mr.gilles have a great show

For true! All about the Fonk

Chmoos...funny indie,huh? Well, it's actually Innocent Sorcerers' "Chocolate Moose" remix of the track "My Music" by polish band Sistars. Just wanted to clear this up. Cheers! Too bad it didn't play 'til jazz&rhymes part... big up our man Sean Palmer & the whole crew!

'Stephanie - 'Avant Le Jazz' (Capitol)' My tune of the night so far! Love it.

listening in switzerland, perfect. I love it since your times on couleur 3.

would love to have the podcasting of the show(s) !

Hot Osunlade vibes ... February is the right way to the sun days. Peace +++

loving the Ammon contact tune man, keep um coming Gilles shout out to all Worldwide family 06, Peace

A shout from from Washington, DC! the show is hot keepin my vibe up while working on super bowl sunday!!

Please, please, please say this Floetry track's coming out.

Floetry remix is wicked! Big up Gallas & Crespo!

listening in Vancouver. Respect Gilles. Lovin'it.

why the hell is this the first time I'm properly listening to this show?! I'm absolutely loving it! gettin me thru the night. cheers giles :)

Excellent Zero db! Kick that BASSS!!! Cheers from Basque Bay

Evening all. Firin' start to the show.

firin tonite!

Rafa (Bristol)
Wassup MM'S - loving the show GP & crew.


Sounding really nice already. That soulphiction track was hot. Gilles, you fancy playing that Osunlade remix of that Kelly Polar track? That went down really well a couple of weeks ago...

Skream's 'Untitled' track, aired two weeks ago, is still on white label???... no news about that marvellous track... just need the name... please...

I hope you've got that Gold Lix record in your bag

Geez, lush opener! Sounds good tonight worder if the Stonesthrowers are going to get technical! (Ha ha) Looking foward to Belfast next week. . .

respect for el-p show last week! the missing piece in worldwide's jigsaw has been found


King Sunny Ade P
Big Love to all Midnight Marauders.

Fly catch Daedelus on a sunny day in LA, Dwight Trible news and Robert Mitchell's Panacea coming to Cargo. Loads of Finnish action to come, albums from Coldcut & Jafrosax and a massive 12" from Paul Murphy. XL day Worldwide!

Ansel Adamski
Evening Gilles, MMs, and Brownswood.

evening brownswood, get them tapes rollin' ;)

Hip-Hop Head
Really great show, good selection, El-P talk about interesting things, really cool !

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