Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

Gilles Peterson Tracklisting
29/1/06 El-P Special

1) Zygote - 'Untitled' (Instrumental) (White Label)
2) Zygote- ‘Casiopia’ (White Label)
3) Radio City – ‘Voices’ (White Label)
4) Bilal – ‘Untitled' (White Label)
4) Mary Lou Williams- ‘Ode To Saint Cecile’ (Steeple Chase)
5) Michael Whites - 'In The Silence' (Listen) (ABC Records)
6) The Pyramids- ‘Indigo’ (Pyramid Records)

El P Worldwide Special
7) Company Flow- 'Vital Nerve' (Rawkus)
8) Company Flow- 'The Fire In Which You Burn' (Rawkus)
9) El-P- 'DPA (As Seen On TV)' (Definitive Jux)
10) Company Flow- 'Gigapet Epiphany' (Rawkus)
11) Cannibal Ox- 'Iron Galaxy' (Definitive Jux)
12) RJD2- 'June' (Definitive Jux)
13) El-P- 'Something Is Wrong' (Thirsty Ear)
14) El-P and Harry Keys- 'When The Moon Was Blue' (Thirsty Ear)
15) Cage feat. Jello Biafra- 'Grand Ol Party Crash' (Definitive Jux)
16) Company Flow, Mr Lif and BMF- 'Low Key' (White)
17) Mr Lif- 'Ultramega' (Definitive Jux)
18) Cannibal Ox- 'From the Planet Of Eat' (Definitive Jux)
19) El-P- 'Tasmanian Pain Coaster' (Definitive Jux)
20) Ursula Rucker- 'Libations' (K7)
21) Rufus Harley- ‘A Love Supreme’ (Discograph)
22) Horace Tapscott With The Pan-African People Arkestra - ‘Desert Fairy Princess’ (Nimbus)

Your comments on the tracks 

alex in montreal
el-p and gilles. Very nice show

Steffan White
just wanted to say that i stubbled accross your show by accident but it was so eye opening to a side of hip hop i didnt know existed, and i'm going striaght to the record shop tomorrow to buy some amazing music! thank you!

ricky brown
gilles your my man cant wait for southport weekender shout out to the bristol massive. feeling the vibes....

Boom. Hitting all the right notes as usual GP

Rafa (Bristol)
H.N.Y-WW & Live MIDNIGHT MARAUDERS Checking-In for the 1st time inna 2006, WASSUP!!!

Wassup Worldwide Peeps - sounding great so far - keep it up! Peace

Jonas (Lithuania)
It is one of the most surreal shows I have ever heard. Thank you for it.

Beane the noodler
Big it up Worldwide crew - these beats are soothing my paintball injurys from the weekend ... ALL GOOD. Mad love from the beane

Hi Gilles, have you seen any good films lately?

Duffy, Derry
Gotta feeling this is gonna be a raw one tonight!

hey gilles, new edition of an old addiction iz here!! rock on mann;))

Big up Gilles P, Ben Cave & Beecy G - FULL RESPECT! : ) D

Ansel Adamski.
Big up to Gilles and all the Midnight Marauders.

Bad luck about Bolton Gilles - they're a really really good team... honest! Bought the new Organ Donor 7 inch this week - what a tastey piece of wax. Have a good show...

paddy in the library
I love listening to your show. the music is exactly what i enjoy right now.

Is "Burn My Bridges" Donald Fagan? Sounds Steely Dan-esque.

wot's this show doing on radio 1? It's far to classy and sophisticated. move it to radio 2 at an earlier time so an old codger like me can listen to the full 2 hrs without meesing my bed time routine up.

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