Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

Gilles Peterson - 04/12/05

1, Raul Midon - 'Sunshine' (EMI)
2, Atjazz - 'Put It On' (Osunlade Mix) (White)
3, Prins Thomas - 'Goettsching' (Bear Entertainment)
4, Duminie - 'No Demons, No Majik' (Sound Signature)
5, Lindstrom – ‘Untitled’ (White)
6, Roberto Di Gioia’s Marsmobil - ‘Flowers’ (Fauna Flash Remix) (Compost)
7, John Lennon - 'Hold On' (Apple Records)
8, Emmanuel Feat Braintax - 'Lets Go Away' (Little League)
9, Various Productions - 'Untitled' (White)
10, Pressure feat. Warrior Queen - ‘Money Honey’ (Remix) (Hypedub Records)
11, Edu K feat Deizz Tigrona - 'Sex-O-Matic' (Solid Groove Remix) (Man Recordings)
12, Soil & Pimp – ‘Fragment’ (Victor)
13, Mark Murphy - 'My Favourite Things' (Riverside)
14, Billy Paul - 'Malorie’ (Philadelphia International Records)
15, The Horace Silver Quintet – ‘Sayonara Blues’ (Blue Note)
16, Domu - 'Unfazed' (Archive)
17, Bakura - 'Thinking About' (Especial)
18, Domu - 'Dangerous Times' (Co-Op)
19, Domu - 'Untitled' (White)
20, Nicola Kramer - 'Last Time' (White)
21, Carmen Lundy – ‘Better Day’s (A Frasia)
22, Jordan Fields Feat Colette – ‘Why Must I Ask You Why’ (Nice & Smooth)
23, Gang Starr – ‘Mass Appeal’ (Empire)
24, Ben Westbeech – “Untitled’ (White)

Your comments on the tracks 

Respect to Karen P! Unsung worldwide hero!

Mel Moore
whoops, that's Mel instead..! PS Can't wait for my Weldone Irvine to arrive...

grandmaster; knowledge
giles peterson = westwood for grown ups

Rafa (Bristol)
Big Up and nuff respect to DOMU (home grown massive)Hello to all the WW Posse out there!! Maybe 1day all radio will sound this way!!

loving the soil and pimp session tunes! c ya karen p

John Neugebauer
Hey worldwide crew!! Cant believe I was a winner Just wanna say thanks so much for the tickets!!cant wait for next monday!!you have made a skint student very happy!Just was wondering though if you pick the tickets up on the door as you didnt take my address!!You have my number so hopefully everythings still cool!!Take it easy and thanks again till the 12th!!

big reaction to the last days track on the brownswood board.

"LAST TIME" (new version) - very JAZZ!!!! : ) D

Paul Thornton
Great show Gilles and a big shout to Domu from the itch crew. 'Return of the rogue' is a superb LP. I have been hammering since he slipped me a copy at back in April. Diesler is on this Saturday at itch in Preston, for all you northern mm's out there.

King Sunny Ade P
Big Love to all MM.

Alex and Anna
Thanks for a great set on Friday! Spent today buying and listening to the Brownswood CD. They say Sundays are about devotion to God..

* Dayo jazzdancing STILL *
Billy Paul "Malorie" - i almost forgot you played this last night Gilles. Gorgeous tune!!! Respect! : ) D

* Dayo still jazzdancing *
Gilles P - you 'pulled' em out last night like we knew you would! - FULL RESPECT! : ) D

Gerry Hectic
Whilst Domu is brilliant, biggest FLY shout of all this week to BiggaBush and the Nostalgia77 remix + Lighting Head remix of Midnight Maurauders; whilst Bigga gets 'Get Carter', Paul Murphy does 'Mr Cosmic' - Zeljko Kerleta does 'Murphy's floor' (just like Motown). Huge love to Muddy Pigs and Courtenay on her birthday. Also look out for Colossus, Natural Self meets Ghana remixes + Madtone & Urban 'Pussyriders' Haiku make it to vinyl. Love all and watch for more Mod X action. Love Worldwide - more 'all in' Black than Mouth Matusow. 2005!!!

Keep unlocking the doors GP & bye bye karen P.

1LoVe tHe sOuNd..HeLlO GiLLes it's JuDy..YoU aRe ThE bEsT WINNERZ DJ FOR WORWILDE AWARD 2005...PeAcE...

I like your website Karen. Good taste in music - pretty too.

* Ansel Adamski *
* Happy Christmas (soon) everybody to those who celebrate it *

hehe thanks JB. I hope you didn't injure yourself too much. Yeah WW is our therapy!

Braintax - TUNE! All the best with the new assignment Karen! Keep it movin Gillesy P!

farewell miss tidy karen p > big love baby for whatever the future holds > x

martyn savill aka da grandman
many big up's 2 black thought ...supadopetrueskoolemcee 4real... can't wait for The roots new lp do you want more? of course 'peace

gilles karen beccy big up as always. domu one of the nicest people you could meet and devastating on the decks/production, so yeah, thats another big up!

Don't worry Deej, I crashed my car last week....think I got one on you there !....Need some WW lovin'...Respect to the P & all WW crew...MM's!

My cat is going WILD to this tune! It's just got that "miaow" thing goin' on!

Scott Da Doughboy
Tuning in from Auckland, NZ. Big up the Freddy's crew making the trip North for WW Awards... Alice Russel / Will Quantic absolutely kiled it here last week... nice up the dance

* Dayo waving to Karen *
Good luck Karen! end of an era. Thanks for all your love & kindness over the years. Big Love! : ) D

eh what?
Did you really mean to say "never fails to disappoint"?? Edinburgh ain't that bad, surely?!

Black Thought
What's good? This is Black Thought from the Roots crew and you're listening to Worlllldwide.

Ilker Catak
Berlin wants to welcome you again soon, Gilles! Keep rockin&rollin!

Of course i have heard of Domu but i haven't heard his music. Should be fun!

Salut mes dames et monsieur! !!!have a wicked show people!!! Cannot wait for the WW AWards!!! Domu aka sonar circle rocks! xstefx

Martyn aka Dagrandman
OH! P.S. loved the true midnight maruding tune last week from Weldon irvine we get down!!!! true legends G.P. AND Weldon irvine

ben v
counting down to next monday,.. o yessi

Martyn aka Dagrandman
can't wait for tonites show.. WW warming winter nites. 'peace to all GP,Karen p, and Beccy. finally got soil 'pimps' session on vinyl 4track ep (japanesse only press). lovin' the music, bring it on!

Ansel Adamski
Nice starting song Gilles. Great to be a Sunday night once again. Props to the Midnight Marauders crew.

Big up Gilles P & the WW team - FULL RESPECT! Big up the MM's as well - Full 'jazzdance' Respect! : ) D

Giles, i'm looking forward to the show but i am very sad because my iPod has died beyond repair. I have lost some music and now i am mourning so to cheer myself up i am playing the last hour of last weeks show.

Scientist of Sound
Clipse - 'Ma i Don't Love Her'...oh yeah

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