Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

:: Box of Delights
:: Tracklisting 20/11/05

1) Innocent Sorcerers – ‘One Dollar Race’ (White)
2) Bugz In the Attack – ‘Once Twice’ (V2)
3) Mark Ronson –‘Just’ (White)
4) Dionne Warwick – ‘I’m Just Being Myself’ (Danny Krivit Re-Edit) (White)
5) Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators – ‘If This Ain’t Love’ (Timmion)

Common : : Words & Music
6) Foreign Exchange - 'Brave New World' (BBE)
7) Duke Ellington and John Coltrane- 'In A Sentimental Mood' (Impulse!)
8) The Last Poets- 'Niggers Are Scared of Revolution' (Douglas Music)
9) Common feat. Stereolab- 'New Wave' (Universal)
10) Tiombe Lockhart- 'Mr Jonnie' (White)
11) The Meters- 'Just Kissed My Baby' (Atlantic)
12) Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway - 'Where is the Love' (Atlantic)
13) A Tribe Called Quest feat. Busta Rhymes- 'Scenario' (Jive)

14) Peven Everett – ‘Stuck’ (White)
15) Lenny Kravitz / DJ Kawasa – ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’ (Ki Edit) (White)
16) Russ Gabriel Feat Karina Joseph – ‘Patience’ (Out Of The Loop Records)
17) Lindstrom & Prins Thomas – ‘Turkish Delight’ (Eskimo)

Your comments on the tracks 

Matt 'Barefoot' Luce
Hi all - just packing for another winter in Belize. Really enjoying the show, although I'll be trading it for a few months of dancehall, punta and reggae! Catch u in the spring. :)

I am very glad I tuned in tonight... great stuff!

Nate (USA)
Lovin' the mix tonight Gilles, keeping it smooth in the midnight hours. peace

Paul Thornton (Preston UK)
Kicking off the show with the kind of twisted deepness I love, the new BITA track is massive and i am feeling the Radiohead Ronson soundclash too. very rebtuz... Looking forward to: Diesler at itch on December 10th.

evening Gilles, Beccy & team. keep up the good work. stay safe stay happy...! good to hear the mark ronson again.

Oooooooooooooooooooooof!!!! Mark Ronson, how dare you! That is too goddam good.

King Sunny Ade P
Big Love to all Midnight Marauders.

Ahhh, yet another tantalising night of the finest selection of CUTS selected by none other than the ultimate tune finder Gilles Peterson; I'm sitting back and absorbing-LOVELY new track from the Bugz in the Attic boys!

Horace James
Nice to meet you in Leeds last night Gilles. Shame you had to make a move as early as you did. Look forward to your gig in December. Full respect for bigging up the Doctor Ambler.

heh common in? very nice;) always love beginning of shows, keep it rokin mr dj!!

thomas from vienna
gilles I love love love your shohuouhhhhhhh since I know her (1999?)...this show is again funkyrockingliquidsuperb as (nearly) always...thanks for existing and doing what you are doing!!! its enriching my life as a taste conscious music listener :-)

sven schenck
Dear all at GP, I'm still amazed at the brownswood basement session some weeks back, which was a milestone showover recent years! So my question is, is there a chance to get a copy of the show? That would be great! Love, Sven

Ian T
13/11/05 show - trying to find words a little less tired than excellent, awesome...howzabout a aural collage of textures, tones and landscapes....subcurrents of base laced with phat tropicalities of rhythm...schools of electrically-charged melodic fish-flashes...listening from Norway...unfortunately, the show only broadcasts at a maximum 130k/ I don't get the full GP-Worldwide experience...that going to change soon, or can your techies recommmend a solution? Peace to tha brotherman from anuthaland

Gilles Loved Juana Molina how about some more please Salvatore

andy lawrence
always awesome shows always challenging always retro always noo cheers

Steve Reid cool

Steve Reid: what a lovely thing to say to Gilles (you can tell that you love the music and everything that you do is filled with love for music): *smug grin* i hope....Loved hearing the original Coltrane 'Wise One' (only ever had DJ Cam's remix before)

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