Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

:: Alice Russell in session
:: Tracklisting 06/11/05

1) Ben Westbeech – ‘Untitled’ (White)
2) Jordan Fields Feat Colette – ‘Why Must I Ask You Why’ (Nice & Smooth)
3) Angie Stone – ‘I Wasn’t Kidding You’ (Sony/BMG)
4) Rich Medina Feat Sy Smith – ‘I Cant’ Hold Back’ (Kindred Spirits)
5) Ben Westbeech – ‘Untitled’ (White)
6) Ian Simmonds – ‘The Dog’ (Kompakt)
7) Bajka – ‘The Only Religion That I Believe (Jazzman)
8) Bajka – ‘A Vision (Part 1/3)’ (Jazzman)
9) Eric Rico – ‘Peace Of Mind’ (White)
10) Paul Anker – ‘WonderWall’ (Globe/Universal)
11) Mark Ronson ‘Just’ (White)
12) Prince – ‘Brand New Orleans’ (White)

Alice Russell Live in Session:
13) Alice Russell – ‘Soulfelt’ (Live in Session)
14) Alice Russell – ‘What We Want’ (Live in Session)
15) Alice Russell – ‘Humankind’ (Live in Session)
16) Alice Russell – ‘High Up On the Hook’ (Live in Session)

17) Radio City – ‘Density’ (Ubiquity)
18) Matthew Herbert – ‘The Audience’ (Live In Session)
19) Peven Everett – ‘Stuck’ (White)
20) Dennis Ferrer – ‘Son Of Raw’ (Ibadan)
21) Cro-magnon – ‘Kaiho’ (Jazzy Sport)
22) Unknown – ‘The Leary Bitch Project’ (North of Ping Pong)
23) The Columbian Drum Cartel –‘The Shipment’ (Copyright Recordings)
24) Indoor Life – ‘Voodoo’ (Celluloid)
25) Lesette Wilson – ‘Caveman Boogie’ (Headfirst Records)
26) Robert Mitchell – ‘Cotopaxi’ (F-ire)

Your comments on the tracks 

King Sunny Ade P
Loving the Paul Anka lounge tune, the Lairy B**ch, and the Son Of Raw, proper mix-up-fix-up of a show. Cap doffed as always WW.

Juergen - Berlin
dis jazz thing is real rocking.

Respect to Gilles P for dropping "Son Of Raw" - BAAD HOUSE music!!! : ) D

simo swiss
becky paul anka - a jazz swinger from back in the day originally from liverpool

Alice Russell live in session...OH YES

Does anyone know who did the Just cover, amazing have to download it?

Headphone Junky
Evening GP and everyone. Hope everybody enjoyed the fireworks.

Mr Magoo
Gilles!!! You never did call me back!! x

After a hard nights work, just winding down with a glass of JD listing to this session. Simply bliss. Heres to another good week :)

becky x
who was singing the oasis cover? it was cracking!

Ben Westbeech, nice 1 Gilles when can we get it lovin the BBC sessions, Amp Fiddler....Ouch! Peace

That Prince tune is available on his website for 79 cents, and all proceeds go to the New Orleans relief fund. It's called 'Brand New Orleans' - great show btw.

big up to you from sarajevo...respect for the show. especially for alice russell...she is dope as hell...

Jamie Starr
Like the new Prince track. Sounds like he's been listening to some Weather Report and Herbie Hancock.

ben westbeech, alice, the covers, all wonderful, thanks

Loved that Prince instrumental. Much respect due World wide crew.

simo swiss
anyone checking out jazztronik in manchester in nov??? cant wait for that

Gentleman !
Nice end of the weekend with worldwide...greetings from Barcelona !

Dr Biskit
loving the show as always Mr P - that prince tune is AMAZING - nice to hear him back on form.

Nate from USA
Alice Russell - Something Thats Real live version was insane tonight.....very very nice!

Nate from USA
I just wanted to say that the shows this year have been amazing! I wait every week for worldwide to come again. On Thur. I listen to Benji B to get my fix as I wait for Gilles to bring us those funky treats! peace, everyone

Prince - WOW!!! very Jazz!!! : ) D

Hello you lot. Just thought I'd say hi on this board too. Can't be deserting the home of WW. Lookin' forward to an action-packed WW...

The small purple one discovers brother weldon perhaps?

That Oasis cover was dope

Gerry Hectic
Fly checks to Four Tet's 'A Joy' and Osunlade's Re-offering as Mole Jazz gives up. Love the BBC Sessions CD, Break Reform and Alice Russell for Vol.2? Brilliant all.

Just love the Radiohead cover, cant wait for the covers album to be released.. Good show as usual.

Buleeve it!

Smokemeister haven't played us a guest mix for a while. Do it!

John @ The Hunstanton Owl Sanctuary Training Colle
great show as usual any chance of some Robbie Williams or Blur, to keep me working through the evening... presentation in a few days and its work work work

simo swiss
just got my filthy paws on the bbc sessions cd. man...thats the best xmas present iv ever had...already !

Bajka's tune is amazing! All about the flute!

heavy entry and half an hour as usual! the unusual gems with perfect feels...Who is BEN WESTBEECH btw? we want more info on that artist... cheers ! ;Đ

Paul @ liverpool uni school of architecture
great show as usual any chance of some gotan project or fila brazilia, to keep me working through the evening... presentation in a few days and its work work work

King Sunny Ade P
Full Respect to Gilles and WW Crew. Big Love to all Midnight Marauders as always.

sounding stronggg in melbourne ww crew > when is the antipodean tour?

Hey Karen, Gilles, loving the Angie Stone, looking forward very much to the lovely Alice in session


The first time I heard Alice Russel live I was blown away she has a beautifull strong vocal can't wait

pierre c
been playing the bbc sessions 12 sampler the roots manuva and heavy tracks...can't wait til you get ed motta in for a live session (last week's show was great!) peace to all the marauders -phillon c. in particular.

Blast from the past
Do you really like it. Is it is it wicked. We're loving it loving it loving it. Loving it like this. Peace to Gilles and the Worldwide crew.

Paul Thornton
Last week Gilles was wondering if Diesler is playing live anywhere. Well he is playing at 'itch' in Preston on 10th December....

martin lancaster
Lovin this soul diva house vibe remind me of the Electric Chair keep pumpin it out peterson were lovin it

Digging the Womack and Womack rejig remix funk up from Angie Stone. Shuffle.

What a nice sounding tune to start the show with :)

Andy G
the live version of theaudience on the sessions comp... ow. been putting a smile on my face all week. special stuff gp.

Angel...the Radiohead cover 'High and Dry' is by Bilal...on a forthcoming Radiohead covers album. Get Gilles to tell us more.

c jackson , andover hants
hello all ! can we have some 70s/80s 2nite please giles ! keep the vibe alive !! love and happiness 2 all and giles we still need you twice a week so have a word with your controller and get back the wenesday night slot too !!

Gilles...Dubai should be good man.

lookin forward to the jazzy sport!

Big up Gilles P & the WW crew - FULL RESPECT! shout to the MM's as well - it's ALL good... : ) D

please play some olde grace jones, the albums nightclubbing and living my life have some really great chilled out cooky tracks. "nightclubbing"and"inspration" are special.also reworking of "ive seen that face before by dj hell is eerie strong.

yeah..I love the tune 'high and dry' and could anyone could tell me which album is this song from....

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