Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

:: Break Reform Session
:: Tracklisting 23/10/05
:: Brownswood Basement

1) Small Circle of Friends - 'Summer Knows' (Basque)
2) Randy Watson Experience - 'Morning Bell (BBE)
3) Radio City - 'Density' (Ubiquity)
4) Jay Dee - 'Untitled' (Stones Throw White)
5) Maspyke - 'Step/No Big Deal' (AAB Records)
6) Medina Green - ' Medina Green Giants' (Illson Media)
7) Joe Lee Wilson - 'Sulu Soulu' (Power Tree Records)
8) Mulatu – ‘Yekitir Tezeta’ (Sound Way)
9) Larry T & The Family - 'Where Does The Answer Lie?' (Let Records) 10) Dorando – ‘Listen to My Song’ (Ubiquity)
11) Lou Rawls/David Axelrod - 'You Made Me So Very Happy' (Emi)
12) Billy Paul -'Let The Dollar Circulate' (Philadelphia International Music)
13) Dudley Perkins – ‘Untitled’ (White)

14) Break Reform – Neptune (Live In Session)
15) Break Reform – The Gift (Live In Session)
16) Break Reform – Waiting (Live In Session)

17) Bilal – ‘High and Dry’ (White)
18) Kindred – ‘Do You Remember’ (Hidden Beach Records)

19) Shawn J. Period – ‘Journey’s Process (Rude)
20) Ty + Kori Feat.Bill – ‘Put it On’ (911 Ent)
21) Rao Kyao – ‘Untitled’ (Daz I Edit)
22) Restless Soul Feat Light Partical – ‘It’s Hard’ (Rest Soul)
23) Richnedina Feat Sy Smith – ‘I Cant’ Hold Back’ (FS/US)
24) Innocent Sorlerers – ‘The Score’ (Raw Fusion)
25) Big Bang – Sweet & Sour (4 Hero Mix) (Arison)
26) Candella All Stars – ‘Untitled’ (Matty Remix)(Candela Recordings)

Your comments on the tracks 

yes indeed. Gilles always brings that which is fresh and helps us get through our sunday nights. DEEP FUNK

great show. as always... love the opening Radiohead cover.

Reggie Watts Experience - 'Morning Bell'. How lush was that??!! A fine tune indeeeed!!...

It's really really cool show and great choice! I am listening from Japan.

It's the end of the world...don't you know that yet!?

new daz joint rocks!

Dayo I_I
Robbie Williams! love all this soul Gilles P - Loved the Robbie Williams before the show. Respect! : ) D

Break Reform - Fantastic session!!! Bilal covering Radiohead?! It works - TUUUUUUNE!!!

Killer killer tune: 'High and Dry' Radiohead cover. Evil!

Break Reform - Simply beautiful. Thanks Worldwide.

Gerry Hectic
Last week was dominated by Tim Garland /Gwilym Simcock / Asaf Sirkis. Fly shout this week for Dave Green & Lol Coxhill, Bossa Futura - 'Sol y Luna', Lupen Crook, Dub Club and Gilles Peterson – The BBC Sessions (Volume 1). Looking forward to Break Reform tonight and the Sun Ra Tribute 'Brother From Another Planet' next week. 'Get Carter' by Peak is still on the stereo. Peace and respect to Gurdeep Stevens, Martin '11' Hectic, all experimentalist and leftfielders. WW.

Easy peeps! It's been sometime since I can listen online, but it feels good to be back. Big shout to emilio, fellow countrymen, incredible!

Thanks for the Billy Paul.

Dayo (eji)
Dorando LP - BWOY!!! cant wait for that!!! Respect! : ) D

Tribal Warrior
Gilles...the nuggets are coming out tonight. Good news about the Dorando bits forthcoming. Thanks for the BB tunes.

pierre c
greetings to the worldwide family from deep in ealing where we keep the vibe alive every sunday...sounding good, gilles.

King Sunny Ade P
Big Love to all the Midnight Marauders.

Back to normal after the US tour!Hope it went well! Last week's BB - one of the best yet! Big shout to the WW crew & the Brownswooders staying up tonight! Peace from Belgrade

Dayo (eni)
Big up Gilles P & the WW crew...FULL RESPECT! Shout to the MM's as well... : ) D

Tribal Warrior
Good evening GP and the Worldwide Crew. Wicked show last week - digging the Brownswoods.

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