Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

:: Gilles Peterson
:: Tracklisting 18/9/05
:: Dwight Trible in session

1, Steve Spacek - 'Let The Dollar Circulate' (Sound In Colour)
2, Yusef Lateef - 'Bamboo Flute Blues' (Kid Koala Remix) (Impulsive)
3, Alice Russell -'All Over Now'(Tru Thoughts)
4, Ben Westbeach - 'Untitled' (White)
5, Lone Catalysts - 'La, La, La, La' (Buka)
6, Pharrell - 'Can I Have It Like That' (Star Trax)
7, J Davey - 'Everybody' (White) 8, Victor Bermon - 'Afternoon' (Heafty)
8, Beth Gibbons - 'Romance' (Live In Session)
9, Steve Reid Ensemble - 'For Coltrane' (Soul Jazz)
10, Soil & Pimp - 'Untitled' (White)
11, Dwight Trible - 'A Love Supreme' (Live @ The Jazz Café)

FREENESS (Charlie Dark & Chris Ofili)
12, Cory Mwamba - 'Three, Two, Three' (Freeness)
13, Rosie Brown - 'Slow Motion' (Freeness)
14, Bare Knuckle Soul - ' Black Other' (Freeness)
15, Novacaine - 'Expectations' (Freeness)
16, Benjenius & Areikel - 'Baby Dis Baby That' (Freeness)
17, Leon G - 'Get With It' (Freeness)
18, Afua - 'Want To' (Freeness)
19, Abyss - 'Breath' (Freeness)

21, Konrad Black & Ghostman - 'Medusa Smile' (Don't Look Back)(Wagon)
22, Peven Everett - 'Sexy One' (White)
23, Wahoo - 'Diamond Wed' (White)

Your comments on the tracks 

King Sunny Ade P
Freeness - full respect for promoting the idea WW.

Paul in LA
Greetings all - Spent a wild weekend in Tokyo last week, spent way too much money in record shops. Gilles - shame i missed you, 2 weeks too early, picked up the flyer for your Japan tour though . . . its on my fridge now!

Freeness rocks

As usual, the Peterson championing the big projects & asking the important questions! big broadcaster! : ) D

this freeness is dope man

Giles, those who understand appreciate your hard work. Keep sailing those seas of cheese, and grove around the whole world.

Big up Dobie!!!! FULL RESPECT!!! : ) D

jazzmonk, Cardiff
Ah.hut, yeah. Tight show tonight. Steve Reid Ensemble sounding deeeep... settling back now for D. Trible. Respect to the studio team.

martyn savill
doin sum midnight maurading .jazz free...big up gilles peace WORLDWIDE

Basement Jazz-Head
Big up Gilles. Big up Karen. Big up Dayo. Big up everyone!

"play some ABBA" _ LOL!!! nice one crude groovemeister - you are my kinda raver - RESPECT! : ) D

i agree basehead. they should make the listen again better sounding but at least they do it

Zimmer Framed Roger Rabbit
i remember in the old days when J-Live would be playing on the wireless that good old 'Soul Vibrations' tune.

richieslim, Corby gang
peace Gillesy P, keeping my lists refreshed every week, shout to all the worldwide crew

philly, not from philly
GP , tell us about the up coming brownswood america comp, noticed it on "dusty groove" website, tracklisting? whens it out?

Big up the ENTIRE Freeness massive: Chris, Charlie, Tony, Gavin - RESPECT! : ) D

crude groovemeister
play some ABBA

i think i hear some new j'davey.right?!?nice one gilles.always fresh

philly, not from philly
respect GP! killer music, is that a "leave my head alone , brain" t-shirt, nice.. wassup MM's and worldwiders!

c jackson , andover hants
hey ! hello all mm's,giles and ww crew .trust you had a great set in ibiza ! is that defected slipmats i see on web cam ! the defected night at pacha this year was best on island !! you must get a reseidentcy next year giles PLEEEASE ! also lets have you show back on wed nights as well as sundays !!! all those in favour SPEAK UP !! peace and love to all WORLDWIDE keep the tunes alive !!!!!

Listening in New York on the web ... love that Steve Spacek tune

Brighton Basshead.
In fact Roger Robinson was pretty damn wicked too.

you know it is gonnna be a great night on worldwide when GP starts off the show with Dollar by Steve Spacek!

Another Sunday late night session with the WW Crew! Gillesy P, have a safe trip & a good one in Japan! Peace from Belgrade

Big up Gilles P & the WW Crew! Big up the MM massive as well...It's ALL good! : ) D

Gerry Hectic
This week, Peak's 'Get Carter', Deborah (Silhouette Brown on stage immediately before Dwight at North Sea this year) Jordan, Robert Mitchell's Panacea, respect to 3hedz and Further Out for Ian Carr's Nucleus at Cargo + Andy (what about a special 'Vertigo Jazz for Gilles' mixtape) Votel, looking forward to the Break Reform Session and Dwight tonight. Love to all and Martin 'Feathers' Hectic.

Brighton Basshead.
Ps. That Jazzanova mix last week was really really good.

Brighton Basshead.
Peace to Gilles and all the crew. I was wondering if it would be possible to have the listen again feature play with better sounds a bit rubbish so you can only half dance around to it. Of course the tunes are good though as always.

DJ Cater
Nice show. Chilling in the bedroom listening to the jorney with a jd & coke.

mr. peterson, please play aztec girl at yellow, tokyo next weekend.

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