Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

:: Gilles Peterson
:: Tracklisting 11/9/05
:: Roger Robinson in session and Alex Jazzanova in the studio

1,Kerri Chandler - 'Bar a Thym' (Foremost Poets Vocal Mix) (NRK)
2,David Axelod - 'A Divine Image' (Capitol)
3,Sun Ra - 'Spontaneous Simplicity' (Black Lion)
4,Max Cole - 'Spinning' (white)
5,Steve Spacek - untitled (Sound in Colour)

Roger Robinson live in session
6,Roger Robinson - 'Hole in the Sky' (live in session)
7,Roger Robinson - 'Maybe' (live in session)
8,Roger Robinson - 'Dream Keepa' (live in session)

9,Sun Ra - 'Solar Drums' (Saturn)
10,Sa-Ra - 'Smokeless Highs' (white)
11,Hardkandy - 'Three Days' (Elmore Judd remix) (Catskills)
12,Lawless Element - 'Rules Part 2' (Babygrande)
13,Common - 'Go!' (German remix) (white)
14,Ben Westbeech - untitled (white)
15,Robert Watson - 'Fuller Love' (Roulette)

Alex Jazzanova mix
16,Carl Borg - 'In the First Place ' (Interlude) (Sonar Kollektiv)
17,Micatone - 'Nomad' (Maurice Fulton mix) (Sonar Kollektiv)
18,Ame - 'Excelsior' (Sonar Kollektiv)
19,Leroy n Darnell - 'No Tentacles' (Sonar Kollektiv)
20,Special Touch - ' Garden of Life ' (TSR)
21,Norman Weeks - 'I Wanna Sing For You' (Sonar Kollektiv)
22,Roy Ayers - 'Tarzan' (Ame mix) (BBE)
23,Status IV - 'You Ain't Really Down' (Jazzanova's Hey Baby mix)
(Sonar Kollektiv)

24,Fat Freddie's Drop - 'Flash Back' (Jazzanova remix) (Sonar Kollektiv)
25,Quentin Harris - 'Let's Be Young' (Un-Restricted Access)

Your comments on the tracks 

King Sunny Ade P
A stunning tune! My kind of Techno. And my tape just got tangled up! LOL!

Jazzanova's mix is tight! loved that "Living In the Garden Of Life" tune - pure ravers vibe! Respect! : ) D

King Sunny Ade P
Respect, Soul Drummer still down here mate. Big shout to Dayo and Milic. Full! Lovely deep mix from the Jazzanova camp. 'Sit on More Vinyl!'

Wicked Micatone remix! Big up Alex B!

Gilles got a cool Mum!, Blisssss...!! That Jean Chahal articulated french beauty of a song 'Le Foto de Marriage'. Pulled it out!

Gerry Hectic
Midnight Maraudering time to catch up, Nostalgia 77 - Ben Lamden excellent, thanks also Brian Cross (B+), Daedelus and Eric Coleman to Keepintime with J.Rocc/Charlie Dark, everyone at Ian Carr's Nucleus Cargo gig [more than you'd think] which leads into Tibor Mozsik and Gábor Vályi & the Blue Light compilation on Cosmic Sounds, the Afro Artist Paul Murphy and the Italian Connection, One Deck & Popular on the IoW @ Bestival, Gav Smith's Pantone with some mass coverage, Pat at Timeless + La Cédille. And more Ninja with OneSelf, Treva Whateva & Coldcut, Ben Mono on 'A Slice Of Paradise' - Stuart 'Jazz-Room-Fish-Fly' Chalk, Dom Servini, Natural-Self, Mr Prankster, Matz, Richard E, Damian 'I am the Fly' Rafferty and brother Martin Hectic on the Sun Ra look out tower. love - Oh! Niel Ardley remembered + bigness to Robert Mitchell's Panacea and Deborah Jordan, 'Trust'. Bring on Alex.

pierre c
oh yeah, before i forget (again): karen p's set at soil and pimp's gig @ cargo was very nice indeed. much respect.

G, keep the vinyl thing moving! Sorry to hear about your Weldon Irvine LP : (

Play more vinyl...that what i say... that stoey of Gilles breaking his Weldon Irvine LP made me laugh...Big up King Sunny Ade P & MIlic(looks like Federer's won it)... : ) D

karl injex
alex.. long time.. hope all's good with you and the fam.. sounding good

Paul Thornton (itch)
Yeah pierre c, rebtuz rock it every time. Check Los Hermanos 2 for more like minded party madness.

Shout out to all the world wide heads out there. I'm waiting for some new 4 Hero Releases. Giles you gotta plug em, baby

lee scott
nice start with mr kerri chandler more recloose joints off the album would be extra special nice especially turkish delight if at all possible !!! bring back the sunshine and if you cant do that turn your radio up sunshine vibes comming out your speakers seen !!

Nate Stanley
Thanks GP for playing "Go" by Common. That is one of my albums of the year thus far....great vocal additions on the track!

Killer sesh Gilles. just got back from the pub for Roger Robinson, put the MD....wish i had the whole show!...keep it up, 2005 Worldwide has and is HEAVY!

Shout to the one & only King Sunny Ade P! Big up the WW Crew & the main man Alex in the place!

Paul Thornton (itch)
Sa-ra are the bomb!!

pierre c
greetings to all worldwiders from deepest west ealing...gilles keep doing what you do. has anybody heard quantic's take on d'angelo's 'follow me'? ridiculously gooood.

Cricket, whicket, smicket... give me jogging any day of the week. Big big up to Karen P.

Paul Thornton (itch, Preston)
Nice one Gilles. Feeling the David Axelrod track. We have a big one lined up for all Northern Midnight Marauders. Itch - 'RSL Live' Saturday 8th October 53 Degrees, Brook Street, Preston.

The Soul Drummer.
Hey King Sunny Ade P - how's it going man? ...still down on the coast? Peace.

King Sunny Ade P
Excellent Roger Robinson session.

King Sunny Ade P
Solid tunes all the way, nice one GP and WW crew.

Nunolatino (Leeds)
Sureal Mix last week with New Orleans! Big UP GP! Peace...zigy zigy zigy da da uuu.

Charlotte Bowen
Hey all, Nostalgia 77 in Cleethorpes Oct 8th. please come!

Dayo watching the US open as well...
Wicked start to the show. Big up all the US open 'mens final' ravers. Come on Agassi!!! : ) D

Thats What I'm talking about...G.P. is here!

I actually didn't mind that Robbie Williams track that was played in the sunday surgery. Big up Letitia. It's ALL good : ) D

King Sunny Ade P
Shout to all Marauders Worldwide.

Easy D, enjoying the tennis? Loving the mighty Sun Ra at the moment!

Hey Giles, you gotta play some beady belle. Any of their stuff would be great

Missed you in my Home town Lisbon at the Toyota Box, must of been CRAZY! and so I heard, but catch nxt time I hope. peace. P.S. Theo P. S.Sign. lovely! Nuno, Adeus

Up-tempo or Down-tempo... it's all good

The Soul Drummer.
Big up Alex and the trusty white Russans.

Rafa (Bristol)
G.P & Crew 1st track last week mashed it up believe.Then the Soil & Pimp session WOW!!! Deep Deep!! Wassup People??

Gillesy P keepin' it movin' as usual on a Sunday night! Special shout to the Midnight Marauders! Peace from Belgrade

The Soul Drummer.
Digging the vibes...bring on the dust.

The Agitator.
Tugay, Soil and Pimp have been rolling on Worldwide for quite a while now. Peace.

philly, not from philly
evening , wussap 2 MM's and worldwide crew!!! big up GP,

Rit Aghera
Woohoo! Evening WW listeners, ready for another session with GP...

Leo Greenslade
Yes. Uptempo seeeeelection.

Big up Gilles & the WW Posse. Big up the Midnight marauders. It's ALL good : ) D

The Bearded Jazz Cat.
Brothers and sisters, sons and's's eleven PM... it's GP!

The Soul Drummer.
Anyone feeling Ray Baretto?

Soil & Pimp sesh - Incredible.

Gilles, how about having Mulatu live in session. Is that possible?

Tugay Inal
It had taken a while to hear Soil Pimp on Peterson's show but it was well worth it.

Thanks again Gilles - great show. Commentary on New Orleans at the outset of the show was magnetic... First time I'd heard Soil & Pimp and sorry - didn't do it for me on the radio, but sure they're amazing live. BUT the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble and Recloose tracks - amazing! New stuff to play? Haven't heard you play any Matthew Shipp stuff - which is really good - and there's a new William Parker album out, which haven't heard - but must be good! Some Sun Ra this Sunday please: couldn't stay for your set at the ICA - must've been hot in there!

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