Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

:: Gilles Peterson
:: Tracklisting 14/08/05
:: Jose Gonzales In Session & Nostalgia 77 Mixtape

1, Eek A Mouse - 'Schizophrenic' (Ras Jamaica)
2, Studio 11 - 'Theme Of Ahmad Jamal' (White)
3, Micah Gaugh - 'Revelation' (Accidental)
4, MED - 'Nightlife' feat. Noelle (Stones Throw)
5, The John Robinson Project - 'Untitled' (Shaman Work)
6, Up Hygh - 'Get Out My Face' (Jugglin' Records)
7, Mpho Skeef - 'Funny' (White)
8, Dwele - 'I Think I Love U' (Virgin)
9, Dexter Wansel - 'The Sweetest Pain' (Philadelphia International)
10, Part Time Hero's - 'Realize' (White)

Jose Gonzales In Session:
11, Jose Gonzales - 'Crosses' (Live In Session)
12, Deadweight On Velveteen (Live In Session)
13, Send Someone Away (Live In Session)

14, Herb Albert & The Tijuana Brass - 'Summertime' (A&M)
15, Kuusummun Profeetta - 'Kovin Lentaen Kotiin Kaipaan' (Ektro)
16, RSL - 'Inside Looking Out' (Players)
17, Soil & Pimp - 'Ms. B.C.' (Viktor)

Worldwide Family Mix Tape: Nostalgia 77
18) Chris MacGregor's Brotherhood of Breath - 'MRA' (Neon)
19) Max Roach - 'Absolutions' (Atlantic)
20) Al Feeney - 'The Other Place' (Berklee Jazz)
1) The Paris Smith Quartet - 'Thought Seeds' (Oracle Records)
22) Natural Self - 'Meditation' (a tribute) (White)
23) Cal Tjader - 'Buhutu' (Vocalion)
24) Rashaan Roland Kirk & Al Hibbler - 'Carney And Begard Place' (Atlantic)
25) James Tatum - Zooba la (JTTP)

26) Quintin Harris - 'Let's Be Young' (Un-Restricted Access)
27) Orquesta De La Luz - 'Carnival' (White)

Your comments on the tracks 

Marc A
that 2nd to last track (the housey one) is unbelievable - truly. giles , you rock mate.

bailey under down
play more nostalgia 77

Cheers Mark Eddison - Heavyweight radio listener: Respect!!! : ) D

i went to marmaris once - great place. 'the film' ..thats intruiguing... awsome stuff tonight gilles >play more jazzzzzzzz

Loved the show tonight as usual, this has been a great year in new music! I am always amazed at the level of music played on this show!!! Much love to all who love worldwide, and Gilles

Been a while since I´ve done this ... a live GP listening session on sunday-night ... couch-surfing, headphones on and girlie asleep :) Peterson time honey

Ilker Catak
Hey we need u gilles here from marmaris, south turkey.. keep rollin! The film is about to come out ;)

Mark Naylor
Great set a Big Chill last week, what was the last tune you played, the one with the "Apache break" in it?

Catch sunrise...

martyn savill
big up gilles and karen p, alwayz lovin the show. give a shout to my girlfriend jane.x WORLDWIDE

Mark Eddison
Big up all the cratediggers (esp Dayo) who can't get on Normans site !

BIG BIG UP TO GP! really diggin' that "funny" beautiful, much truth in the lyrics...

Getting inside the music tonight! Full respect Gillesy P. and the WW Crew! Peace from Belgrade

Damn, can't listen live tonight... the shows just started and i have to get to bed. Early start tommorow but looking forward to catching up with the tunage tommorow. Good start man.

Big up Gilles P & the WW team - Respect! and a big shout to ALL Midnight Marauders....It's all good : ) D

Looking forward to some dusty vinyl tonight... sling us some rare grooves man. Loving the shows as ever.

Never listened to this show before but its sounding good. do you play more commercial urban beats but as a remix (like John Legend's Zed Bias remix)?

Gilles... i'm in love. Just been looking at your pics from the Big Chill. Could you dedicate a nice song to Karen P. Thanks :-)

Please Mr Peterson can we have another Brownswood. They work so well. I take my hat off to you. Soon, yes?

Helen from London
Thanks for your awesome Big Chill shows, both live and on Radio 1 - I listened online and it brought back some very happy memories. Tortured Soul and The Rebirth rock! And Alice Russell is a star in waiting. I'll be logging in again soon.

Espectacular Alice Russell!! Thanks a lot for the show at 'La Mar de Músicas'...was incredible...I take some cd's to sign it..but wasn't possible

good stuff

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